Ugur Sahin Alfa Romeo 12C GTS

Ugur Sahin Design Studio presents future project design: Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is the Concept.12C GTS is the dream of Turkish designer named Ugur Sahin.Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is the is a new concept that has nothing to do with Alfa Romeo.On its list, find a Ferrari Dino concept in 2007 and an Aston Martin Gauntlet in 2010.The Alfa Romeo 12C GTS is a sports car concept.Given his plans to seek funding to produce Alfa Romeo 12C GTS concept.Of all the concepts Sahin made ​​so far, this is by far the most impressive.

Ugur Sahin Alfa Romeo 12C GTS (2)

According to Ugur Sahin Design: “The main goal of this design is to reinterpret Alfa Romeo’s historical lines, surfaces and styling cues with fresh perspective and state of mind in order to create an appealing design and combining the familiar design language of Alfa Romeo combined with sharper lines and surfaces without losing the organic attractiveness of the car.

One of the main features of the design is the way its stance is shaped. As a whole it gives you the impression of “forward-movement” even while standing still. The iconic Alfa Romeo Grille hosts the center of the organic lines which flow towards the back and around the car with minimum distraction and maximum visual impact. The way the front is designed consists of two different shape compositions to make the face of the car sporty and aggressive, yet so appealing.”


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