Two Stunning Projects by Damac and Fendi

When it comes to towering luxury buildings, the Middle East pretty much takes the cake, proving that there isn’t such thing as too much sophistication. Taking this tradition further, Damac launched two projects. One of them is a building that is to be set opposite to Kingdom Tower. Located in Riyadh, it will be called Damac Exclusiva Luxury Serviced Apartments, will host 100 service apartments and will measure 150 meters in height. The substructure work is to be done by Al Hashim and the design by Fendi. The location will appeal, without doubt, to luxury lovers, business men and people who just want a change of scenery.

Two Stunning Projects by Damac and Fendi (3)

The other project will be set in Dubai Marina and will take up the last 42 floors of Damac Residenze. Design-wise, this project will be assigned to Fendi and the main contractor will be Arabtec. Providing sweeping views of the Arabian Gulf, the Palm Jumeirah and of the Dubai Marina, this 355m building is bound to make a fine addition to the city. The two projects will reportedly cost a whopping $550 million, of which $327 will be assigned to the Dubai-based project alone.

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