True Love Detector: Meet The Love Bra That Only Unhooks for Love

Finding true love is something that every human craves, but there are so many things that can get in the way of that.  For women, one of the most undesirable problems comes in the form of guys just trying to hook up with them.  A Japanese company called Ravijour aims to put an end to this epidemic with the revolutionary True Love Tester Bra, one of the first wearable true love detectors.



Able to tell how a woman is feeling (after some bio-signature readings of the operator so as to better understand the user), the True Love Tester Bra will unhook itself from the front clasp when the Bra senses that the user is feeling what their researchers are calling love.  Elevated heart rates are the main form of communication between the Bra, the user, and the handy app that comes with the Bra.


Check out this awesome video from the company.  Ravijour is set to change the way women date men, as well as the relationship between the bra and the woman.  Now, instead of just a device to be unhooked, the bra is a relationship test in the bedroom.

Original Post at CNet.

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