Travel to Near-Space in a High-Tech Balloon

If you’re not necessarily a celebrity or a particularly wealthy individual and you can’t book a flight on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight, you’ll be pleased to know that space travel is rapidly becoming more and more accessible for the common individual.

Travel to Near-Space in a High-Tech Balloon (4)

A Spanish company named Zero2Infinity offers a great opportunity for traveling to near-space in a balloon, and the price for such a journey is just $37,200. Furthermore, willing space travelers can also opt to enjoy their escape to the heavens in a special pod that provides enough seating for six people, namely four passengers and two pilots. This version would be a lot pricier, however, costing about  $141,650, but dinner would also be served along the way, providing a very rare opportunity of enjoying a meal in space. The pod is named “ëblooní”, and it features 46-square foot windows that would ensure extraordinary views of the stars, sun and earth. Moreover, the space flight also promises a thrilling experience of weightlessness for 30 seconds, a unique, out of this world sensation that could only be felt by astronauts up until now.

According to Zero2Infinity’s Spokesperson, the company will also provide cabin customization options for extra privacy, while Michelin star meals will definitely be part of the menu.

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