“Toys” of Billionaires. Top 15 Most Expensive Extravagances

The global economy is in an uncertain situation, but the word crisis is not known of billionaires of the world that afford to buy the more expensive “toys” from collection vehicles to manuscripts or airplanes.

"Toys" of Billionaires. Top 15 Most Expensive Extravagances (2)

Leonardo DiCaprio has bought a car with delivery date 2012. For Fisker Karma luxury hybrid vehicle, the actor will pay $ 100,000.Instead, billionaire Donald Trump is known for his passion for airplanes. He bought the co-founder of Microsoft – Paul Allen – a Boeing 757, the bathroom and objects here are plated with gold. The aircraft cost $ 100 million.

Richard Branson has a submarine for their own use and its guests. Virgin Group founder rent his submarine those interested to $ 25,000 per weekend.A car enthusiast bought a Ferrari prototype in 1957. The model was sold at auction by 16.4 million dollars and is the most expensive car ever sold.

Mikhail Prokhorov has its own ski machine that works like the Wii. Russian billionaire is definitely a sports enthusiast. He also owns a team that bought bachet a fee of 200 million dollars.Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, collects and restores old planes. His collection includes 20 models and so far has spent 5 million for aircraft.He opened a museum here called “The Flying Heritage” for the general publicDirector George Lucas has given 100 million dollars in order to arrange a small town in its farm Calif. He even has two fire trucks, 10 employees and two volunteers.

Milton Verret bought the red jacket worn in the video Michael Jackson “Thriller” for the amount of $ 1.8 million at auction, becoming the most expensive item ever sold clothes Rock & Roll.Oracle boss Larry Ellison owns a house in Malibu house that is worth 20 million dollars. A relatively small price considering the fact that wealth his reach 26 billion dollars.Vladimir Antonov just bought a British football team and thus got into the select club of Russian billionaires who own teams.

Instead, founder of Amazon – Jeff Bezos – wants to build a spacecraft.Steven Spielberg bought a stage complete with scenery from the movie “Citizen Kane” in 1942, for the amount of $ 60,000.New York businessman David Koch has its own hot air balloon. Engineering has a fortune of 19 billion dollars.

Bill Gates owns the most famous manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci, of the 30 known.Billionaire Steven Cohen has an impressive art collection. He has spent 137 million dollars for the painting Kooning’s Woman III, the second most expensive painting ever sold, and $ 8 million on a painting depicting a giant shark.

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