The Town of Andermatt Might Become a Luxurious Destination

Andermatt is a lovely town that can be found nestled within the Alpine Mountains of Switzerland. What makes this town special, or better yet what will make it special, is that it will soon become one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Andermatt Town (1)

To clarify, Andermatt recently attracted the interest of a wealthy Egyptian entrepreneur named Samih Sawiris, who decided to transform this tranquil corner of paradise into a global luxury hotspot. The idea came to him after he enjoyed a helicopter tour of the town and its surroundings, as this was the moment when he realized the great potential of this secluded settlement. Therefore, Samih aims to perfect the town by commissioning 42 new buildings that will include as much as 490 condominiums, complemented by an 18-hole golf course that would provide endless entertainment opportunities for golfing enthusiasts. The prices for these exquisite abodes are expected to be somewhere at around $537,000 for a 375 square foot studio and $12.6 million for a 6,727 square foot duplex penthouse. Amenities would include balconies facing the mountains, oak parquet flooring, soapstone fireplaces, wood-paneled walls and built-in wine closets.

Moreover, in order to minimize car traffic and keep the town as quiet and uncluttered as possible, the Egyptian visionary plans to construct and underground parking lot.

The project seems to be quite successful already, as several local businessmen decided to invest and help in its completion. Several restaurants as well as a new hotel have already opened their doors and welcomed new visitors. Other improvements will include the renovation of Andermatt’s skiing facilities, which will definitely become one of the town’s main attractions.

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