Tower Infinity To Be Built in Seoul, South Korea

The incredible South Korean city of Seoul is soon to become even more incredible as it will include one of the world’s tallest and most beautiful towersTower Infinity. This modern masterpiece of architecture and design will soar up to a staggering height of 1,476 feet, but one of its most amazing characteristics comes in the form of partial invisibility to the naked eye.

Tower Infinity (7)

Quite unbelievable, we know, but Tower Infinity will actually be able to blend with its surroundings thanks to a series of optical illusions and lighting effects. The tower was sketched out by a company called GDS Architect, and it will be built in the middle of the Yongsan International Business District. Upon completion, this staggering building will become one of the most important landmarks of Seoul and South Korea, and it will be used mainly for entertainment purposes.

The tower and its surrounding areas will include a series of wedding venues, observation decks, restaurants, a water park, a roller coaster, a theater and many more attractions that would place broad smiles on the faces of Seoul’s citizens and its visitors.

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