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In a few years ago, news started to appear about the first underwater luxury hotel, under construction. Poseidon Undersea Resort, for example, announce that each guest will be given a small personal submarine to explore the underwater wonders of the world. Hotel? Specialized transportation? Is not a new branch of tourism?Yes – underwater tourism seems to be the new frontier. Or, as billionaire Richard Branson calls it one of the famous figures who have linked the name of this vision is “the last great challenge to man,” when space tourism has already started on the path of expansion.In Florida waters arose a small accommodation, the building was submerged to a research laboratory of marine geo.

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There are today, called Jules,so named after the name of the famous Jules Verne, author of the magnificent 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and he has made ​​countless readers to dream at underwater world beauties,and offers only two bedrooms (with large portholes) and some common spaces. Is at 10 meters under water and to reach it you must have at least minimal experience in scuba diving.

Those who dare to live under the water several days are rewarded by amazing experience to watch the marine creatures passing by the bedroom window, just a few meters.At the time, Jules was unique in its own way, but today we are tempted to see as a precursor of a trend that gradually makes its, place in modern world of leisure:underwater tourism .

A project of the same type, small, was made ​​by the artist Mikael Genberg on Lake Mälaren in Sweden: utter Inn offers accommodation in one room (beige building at the bottom of the structure) that is submerged in the waters of Lake , hung in a box colored in traditional Swedish style houses that float on the surface.

How look underwater world from the window of a luxury hotel?

Poseidon Undersea Resort, located in the Fiji archipelago had to be opened in 2008, but is still under construction. The project promises to be a luxury five-star underwater hotel, with dozens of sumptuous rooms and suites, restaurant and bar, under water at 12 m depth in.

A one-week stay for two people in this place of pampering would cost, initially, 30,000 USD, including 4 nights in one of the luxurious houses on the surface and two nights under water. In addition, the opportunity to have fun with all kinds of activities: golf, diving … you can even learn to fly a small personal submarine – and that luxury.


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