Top Destinations Ghost Towns of the World

If you want to spend your vacation in a way totally out of the ordinary, you should visit the so-called ghost cities of the world.You can try the famous destinations such as Chernobyl, nuclear accident which took place 25 years ago, the banned forbidden island in Japan or left town in Cyprus.All are on the list of vacancies offered by travel agencies.

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Kolmanskop ghost town in Namibia is “hot” literally.That’s because the city a few kilometers from the port of Lüderitz is now completely covered by sand.In 1908, the situation was exactly the opposite: it was literally a city of diamonds, is a haven for seekers of diamonds, which have casinos, college and hospital.But in the ’50s, it remained empty as sales fell and diamond trade has not shown concern for the citizens who preferred to leave him literally.

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Pripyat in Ukraine can not you say anything at first, but it was located right where the Chernobyl power plant that caused the deaths of thousands of people.Radioactive clouds have made over 50,000 people to be evacuated in 1986, and legend since the disaster and now dominates the area. Testimony are thousands of cable scrap metal and pieces of concrete scattered in the area.

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But as the suffering of people make a profitable business businessmen, here you can even visit the place, that if you dare. There’s even an agency which holds exclusively for visits here, and a day spent here cost about 160 euros, if you go to a larger group.

Taiwan San Zhi resort to be built initially for wealthy business people did not even got to be done. And that the large number of accidents happened here, in which dozens of people died.So the company decided to stop building work, but remained metallic structures. And many say even that they would be haunted by the spirit of those who died.

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San Zhi

Craco small medieval town in Italy is built right on a hill and is surrounded by thousands of hectares of farmland, which stretched rich crops of wheat and corn, which is now left in ruinIn addition, much of the look of the city was influenced by the fact that some of the land here belonged Episcopate Tricarico. But even if you lived here about 2,000 people, war, poor crops and landslides have caused the entire population to leave the the area eventually.

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The small French village Oradour-Sur-GLane is one of many cases where people died from the horrors of what happened during the World War II. But here, besides the cruelty of war, much of the drama happened here was caused by a fatal mistake.The Germans wanted to capture the village Oradeur-Sur-Vayres, but arrived in the neighborhood. But have not spared anyone, 642 people were killed.

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Denied island.We speak about Gunkanjima Japanese island, one of the uninhabited islands and 505 bought in 1980 by Which WAS the automaker Mitsubishi began to exploit the deposit of school here.Population grew and the number that the company has built dozens spectulos apartments, reaching a point of second place in the world after the density of people living here.But after the oil gradually replaced coal globally, mines began to be closed, including the Japanese island.

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Kadykchan is one of the small towns of Russia have fallen into ruin along with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. There was a tin mining town.

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Kowloon Walled City was the Chinese under the Japanese Occupation During the Second World War and was occupied by the British. After nor Japan nor China wanted to take over its administration, so it stayed left.

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Kowloon Walled City

Once a luxury resort, now remained only a ghost. It is the city of Famagusta in Cyprus.

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In Azerbaijan, the Agdam city  was home to over 150,000 people, but now the turtles are at home. The only remnants of civilization are empty apartments, broken by vandals and the little frogs testo.

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