Top 20 Most Luxurious European Cities

When it comes to luxury brands, most people think of names such as Dior, Louis Vuitton or Chanel. Moreover, statistics show that in the minds of consumers, European brands are full of history and cultural wealth than others, therefore, become more popular with consumers.A top of the world’s most luxurious brands and also assess all retail locations in Europe, subsequently prepare a list of the most luxurious European cities.

Top 20 Most Luxurious European Cities (2)

According to research, luxury brands are perceived differently by consumers in Western Europe than the rest of the continent.Here are among the most luxurious cities in Europe, based on the multitude of extravagant brands found in these locations.

The capital of France there are 154 luxury boutiques. The 100 top brands have more than 150 stores in Paris elite, which means that many of these brands are more present on the French market subsidiary.

High number of luxury brands that are still here proves that Paris remains the center of fashion and luxury when it comes to fashion. Only cities like London and Milan can compete with real chances of success with extravagant Paris.

Second place in the top is occupied by London, with 125 luxury shops, operated by all the 100 top brands.

Milan climbs on the podium with 87 stores and luxury, made ​​90 of the 100 successful brands in the world.In fourth place is Moscow, with 66 luxury shops.Fifth position lies Rome, with 66 luxury shops and six-Madrid with 59 luxury shops.Seats seven, eight, nine and ten are occupied by Munich (47 luxury shops), Berlin (46 luxury shops), Barcelona (38 luxury shops) and Zurich (36 luxury shops).

These positions in the ranking are occupied by Hamburg (33 luxury shops), Brussels (32 luxury shops), Dusseldorf (30 luxury shops), Frankfurt (30 luxury shops), Prague (28 luxury shops), Vienna (28 luxury shops), Istanbul (28 luxury shops) and Amsterdam (27 luxury shops).Last place is occupied by Antwerp (22 luxury shops), Budapest (13 luxury shops) and Warsaw (12 luxury shops).

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