Top 20 Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World

Top 20 Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World

Top 20 Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World

Thanks to their outstanding designs, unique locations and incredible lighting arrangements, the swimming pools we are about to present are definitely extravagant and impressive in all regards. Surely you’ve seen some pictures of them floating around the internet at some point, but just in case you didn’t get the chance to take a closer look, we created this top 20 of the most gorgeous swimming pools in the world.

1. Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Greece

Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Grecia

Widely known as one of the dreamiest luxury hotels in Greece, the Grechotel Amirandes boasts one of the most incredible swimming pools in the world. Thanks to its generous size and sparkling crystal-blue waters, this swimming pool stands ready to offer amazing relaxation and entertainment opportunities for the hotel’s esteemed guests.

2. Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Greece

Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Grecia

The Blue Palace Resort & Spa is often described as a paradise on earth, and it’s not difficult to understand why when you have a look at the interminable array of amenities and comforts that this 5 star hotel provides for its guests.

As such, its swimming pool is one of the most incredible in the world, offering breathtaking views of the sea and nearby islands.

3. Capella Pedregal Resort, Mexico

Capella Pedregal Resort, Mexic

As one of Mexico’s most appreciated luxury retreats, Capella Pedregal offers incredible accommodation options that would be able to satisfy the tastes of royalty. Matching in its extravagance and opulence, the swimming pool at Capella Pedregal is an epitome of sophistication and beauty, flaunting mesmerizing blue waters and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

4. Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

While not a swimming pool per se, the 200,000 liter fresh water aquarium at the Crocosaurus Cove in Australia is definitely a sight to behold. As one of the main attractions in the city of Darwin, the Crocosaurus Cove offers its visitors unparalleled close encounters with all sorts of marine life specimens, including sawfish, whiprays and of course crocodiles.

In the image you can see the so called “Cage of Death”, which enables the brave types to stand inches away from some of the largest specimens of Saltwater Crocodiles found in captivity.

 5. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado

The Glenwood Hot Springs is a highly acclaimed Colorado Hot Springs resort, and it includes a spectacular swimming pool that flaunts a constant temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. As the world’s largest hot mineral springs pool, this man-made haven of relaxation and fun attracts a considerable amount of visitors each year.

Guests are also encouraged to enjoy the smaller “Therapy Pool” that can be found nearby, which boasts a constant temperature of 104 degrees and is well known for its healing properties.

6. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino can be found in Las Vegas and it boasts and endless array of entertainment and gambling opportunities that are able to please even the most demanding tastes.

As you would expect, its swimming pool is a true spectacle in itself, featuring a complex design as well as exquisite decorations and natural vegetation complemented by flashy lighting arrangements.

7. Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

Golden Triangle Resort, Thailanda

Thailand is a perfect place to spend an unforgettable vacation since it includes a comprehensive list of 5 star resorts and hotels that would cater to your every need and whim. One such place is the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, which stands ready to ensure irreproachable service and accommodation.

During your stay, you can experience utmost peace and tranquility at the resort’s swimming pool, which ensures magnificent views of the surrounding hillsides and great sunbathing opportunities.

8. Hotel Caruso, Italy

Hotel Caruso, Italia

Italy’s Hotel Caruso operates within a restored building that dates all the way back to the 11th century, and it is conveniently perched on a cliff side overlooking the sea. With rich historical heritage and incredible accommodation options, the hotel’s highlight is definitely its gorgeous infinity pool that offers unbelievable views of tall mountains and crystal clear waters.

9. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, Spain

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, Spania

Nestled within a sublime, natural environment on the northern coast of Ibiza, the Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena includes its own gym, spa, tennis court and three swimming pools. One of its best swimming pools flaunts sublime arrangements that are meant to mimic the natural rocky environment that surrounds this Eden on earth.

 10. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi, Maldive

Huvafen Fushi is absolutely spectacular! Thanks to its sublime housing arrangements, luxe amenities and superb views, this place surely demands a personal visit at least once in a lifetime.

The swimming pool at Huvafen Fushi is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, boasting a sublime light show of purple and cyan that is able to deeply impress at a glance. Spending a night under the starry sky at the edge of this spectacular pool is a one-of-a-kind experience.

11. Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia

Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia

The extraordinary Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia was designed by its owner, Nick Troubetzkoy. As one of the most romantic luxury resorts in the world, this place is an embodiment of comfort and wellness.

The swimming pools at Jade Mountain are actually incorporated in the building’s design, and they flaunt generous measurements ranging between 400 and 900 square feet. The waters are purified using state-of-the-art systems, while the illumination systems were created using fiber optics. Sounds impressive, right?

12. Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

Adorning Singapore’s skyline with its unique layout and imposing beauty, the Marina Bay Sands Resort is well known for its spectacular infinity pools that provide stunning views of the city.

Unlike the swimming pools we described so far, the one at the Marina Bay Sands offers a more urban experience that allows guests to float effortlessly high above the city of Singapore.

13. Mardan Palace, Turkey

Mardan Palace, Turcia

If you are thinking about choosing Turkey as your next holiday destination, the Mardan Palace is definitely the perfect place. Aside from its luxurious rooms and high-end conveniences, this resort boasts a lavish outdoor swimming pool.

This swimming pool includes a central aquarium as well as a series of fountains complemented by a reef where guests can enjoy snorkeling.

14. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

During your stay at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile you will be able to gaze upon one of the largest swimming pools in the world. This pool is so large, in fact, that it is able to accommodate sailing ships and motorboats, while guests are encouraged to bathe in its comforting waters close to the artificial beaches.

15. The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

The Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland

The Cambrian Hotel is placed within a lovely natural environment, surrounded by mountains and blissful views. The heated outdoor pool at the Cambrian Hotel offers exquisite views of the Swiss Alps’ forests and waterfalls.

 16. The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa, Mauritius

The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa, Mauritius

The Grand Mauritan is a spectacular resort that boasts an equally spectacular swimming pool called the Brezza. This pool measures a whopping 14,918 square feet and overlooks the gorgeous waters of Turtle Bay.

Furthermore, the resort also includes a Reflections Pool that can be found at the main beach, boasting 4,951 square feet and a maximum depth of 3.9 feet.

17. The Joule in Dallas, Texas

The Joule – Dallas, Texas

The Joule is a superb hotel that can be found in Dallas, Texas. Its swimming pool is placed conveniently on an elevated location within the building in order to provide the most exquisite views of the city.

Comfortable seating arrangements encircle the swimming pool, and even though its size is not all that impressive, the views would definitely make it worth your time.

18. The Sarojin, Thailand

The Sarojin, Thailand

Most people fortunate enough to spend some time at the Sarojin resort in Thailand can describe their experience as breathtaking and astonishing. And while we’re sure that the retreat’s irreproachable service and world-class accommodations definitely contributed to the aforementioned description, we safely assume that the swimming pool surely played an important part as well.

Comfy sunloungers and umbrellas are placed right next to the pool’s edge, while its tranquil waters promise unforgettable moments under the sun.

19. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

The Ubud Hanging Gardens is a luxury resort that can be found in the heart of Bali, nestled within a lush environment surrounded by volcanoes and rice terraces. The infinity pool is particularly impressive, boasting sublime views and warm, glistening waters.

20. Alila Villas, Bali

Alila Villas, Bali

The infinity pool at the Alila Villas in Bali is an epitome of tranquility and wellness, and it is placed within a separate area in the resort’s courtyard in order to offer utmost privacy and peace. Anyone lucky enough to bathe within its waters is bound to experience unforgettable moments while admiring the breathtaking panoramas of the sea.


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