Top 10 World’s Most Amazing Geothermal Areas

Top 10 World's Most Amazing Geothermal AreasIf you would like to visit some of the world’s best geothermal areas and catch a glimpse of Primordial Earth, we are here to give you our top 10 suggestions, so you can make the most out of your trip.

Top 10 World's Most Amazing Geothermal Areas

Tatio Geysers

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First off are the Tatio Geysers, which can be found in the Andes Mountains, Chile. This is the world’s third largest geyser field, boasting over 80 geysers, all set at an impressively high altitude of 4,200 meters (13,779 feet).

Kenya’s Great Rift

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Next, we take a look at Kenya’s Great Rift, in Africa. This outstanding area has both touristic and energetic value, as it ensures geothermal energy for the country while also providing relaxation and golfing opportunities at the Great Rift Valley Lodge.


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Tuscany, Italy is a remarkable setting with great historical value and high geothermal activity. It is also where the first geothermal power plant was built, in Devil’s Valley.  Its precious natural resources are used to heat local public baths and houses, but other areas such as Saturnia Springs have remained untouched, providing great touristic attraction.


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Beppu, in Japan is a very interesting destination, quite special because it is, in fact, a metropolis built upon eight various hot spring zones, which are housed in different structures ranging from straw huts to modern buildings. Consequently, the city flaunts numerous unwinding opportunities in the form of spas or onsen steam baths.


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Camiguin is a special island in the Philippines that can be reached easily via a flight from the Manila Airport.  This place is well known for its cold spring season and for its numerous geothermal areas mixed together with lovely waterfalls.  Additionally, high-end resorts provide exquisite comforts and great accommodation options for visitors willing to explore the island’s wonders.

Geyser Valley

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Moving on to Russia, we have the Geyser Valley situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula’s northeastern side. This is a stunningly beautiful environment boasting plenty of geysers, rifts and hot springs, and it is therefore an ideal place for geothermal enthusiasts. It is quite difficult to reach, but those willing to pay for a helicopter ride should be able to visit it without problems.

Japan’s Joshinetsu National Park

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Japan’s Joshinetsu National Park is great touristic attraction, mainly because this is where the Joshinetsu Monkey Park can be found. By traveling to this place, tourists can see the Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys. The monkeys spend their daytime sitting in the hot springs, and retreat into the nearby forest during the night.


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Also known as the “land of ice and fire”, Iceland is of course a fantastic destination for observing geysers. This is where three main Haukadalur valleys can be found, one of them being part of the Golden Circle tourist route. In this particular Haukadalur, the renowned Geysir and Strokker geysers await. Geysir erupts only 4 or 5 times a day, but it does so with spectacular force, its emissions being able to reach altitudes of up to 70 meters (229 feet). Strokker, on the other hand, erupts much more often, at intervals of about 10 minutes.


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Rotorua is a splendid city placed on New Zealand’s North Island, more specifically on the shores of Lake Rotorua, boasting a multitude of geothermal hotels. The city makes full use of geothermal energy, and it even includes a geothermal spot that has been transformed into a public park. The outlying regions of the city are the most impressive, flaunting heated rivers, lakes, and waterfalls that people can bathe in.

Old Faithful

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Finally, we can now tell you a few things about the most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful. Discovered in 1870, this natural wonder is located in the Old Faithful Historic District in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Erupting at intervals of about one hour each, Old Faithful is just a small part of the much larger Yellowstone caldera, and tourists are amazed by its various geothermal anomalies, geysers and steam shafts.

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