Top 10 Trends for Spring-Summer Season 2012

Even if the new year has just began we can drean of warm days of spring ,at friendly sun but also a fluid wardrobe. New season trends dictated in the fashion capitals this fall, unanimously proposed figures resized, fine pastels, neon colors, graphics futuristic.Here’s what we will wear in spring summer 2012 season:

Top 10 Trends for Spring-Summer Season 2012 (25)

Animal print
Star of the new season will be one with various species of birds, swans, swallows, rendered in the graphic ways, or even three-dimensional abstract, placed on the shoulders or casual shirts.


If you’re still not tired of romantic pastels of previous season, know that you will continue to will wear next year. So rely on fluid fabrics, folds delicate shades of dusty pink, warm beige, yellow, lemon or blue sky.

Baroque details

Ornaments reminiscent of Baroque art have resulted the prints stamped on noble materials such as brocade and organza.


For the warm season, designers were immersed in the deep seas and oceans to find inspiration. Thus, material gain tilts glow, corals turn into luxurious necklaces.

Digital prints

Digitization society extends to fashion and photographic landscapes are an integral part in the pieces designers like Akris proposed or Krantranzou Mary.

Abstract art

Geometric prints, including major trends of the season. Abstracted geometric minimalism cuts itself.




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