Top 10 Rafting Locations

Rafting Locations

Rafting Locations

Rafting, or white water rafting, is a very challenging outdoor recreational activity that requires bravery, stamina and skill. Fans of the sport will be particularly pleased to know that we created a list including some of the world’s best rafting locations, suited for rookies and veterans alike.

1. Chile’s Futaleufú River

Chile's Futaleufú River

The Futaleufú River crosses the Andes Mountains into Chile before opening up into the Yelcho Lake. Its beautiful blue waters are well suited for rafting, offering an excellent experience for beginners, who can also admire fantastic views of the mountains along the way. Some routes are categorized as Class V however, and are therefore recommended only for the experienced types.

 2. Ecuador’s Río Upano

Ecuador's Río Upano

The Upano River runs from the sierra all the way to the Amazon, and it is surrounded by lush rainforests. Visitors can start off their rafting journey from the town of Macas, making their way to the Namangosa Gorge, where they are able to experience Class IV rapids.

 3. Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho

Middle  Fork, Salmon River, Idaho

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River can be found in the northwestern United States, and it represents a 110-mile-long river that is quite popular with rafting enthusiasts, since it offers mesmerizing views of the forest as well as Class IV rapids.

 4. Canada’s Magpie River

Canada's Magpie River

The Magpie River can be found in northeastern Ontario, Canada. Rafting can be practiced by starting off from the Magpie Lakeandrapidly advancing towards Magpie River. This is a rather challenging course, best suited for experienced rafters, since the Class V downriver rapids can be quite difficult to tackle. What makes these trips particularlyenticing is that they offer the opportunity of admiring the magnificent northern lights.

 5. Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Alaska and Canada

Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Alaska and Canada

These rivers flow across the borders of Alaska and Canada, offering sublime views of glaciers, icebergs, mountains and tundra vegetation. This is a very scenic course that provides an unmatched rafting experience, bringing guests face to face with a wide variety of wild animals.

 6. The Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and Zambia

The Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and Zambia

The Zambezi is the fourth largest river in Africa, and it includes 23 rapids that stretch for 15 miles below the Victoria Falls, which are found at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. This river provides adventurers with the opportunity of enjoying one of the most exciting rafting experiences in Africa.

 7. Italy’s Noce River

Italy's Noce River

The Noce River flows through the Dolomites of northern Italy, representing one of the most appreciated rafting locations in Europe. Its Class V rapids provide challenging and exciting whitewater experiences that are appreciated by rafting enthusiasts from all over the world.

 8. Turkey’s Çoruh River

Turkey's Çoruh River

As one of the world’s fastest rivers, the Çoruh is an obvious choice for rafting, offering superb views of the Kaçkar Mountains along the way. Boars, bears, mountain goats, as well as historical ruins dating back to the Byzantine Empire are all in reach for those that are willing to raft across its tumultuous waters.

 9. Nepal’s Sun Kosi River

Nepal's Sun Kosi River

The Sun Kosi River flows near Tibet’s border with Nepal, and its class V rapids carry rafters towards the Ganges, providing delightful panoramas involving forested canyons and dense tropical jungles.

 10. Australia’s North Johnstone River

Australia's North Johnstone River

If you find yourself in Australia and want to experience a memorable whitewater journey, the Johnstone River in North Queensland is the perfect choice. Its waters include Class IV and V rapids that will whisk you away through the old rain forests of Palmerston National Park and through volcanic gorges. The starting course location can only be reached via a helicopter ride, which will get you pumped and ready for the journey ahead.


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