Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World

Mountains should not be treated in play. With all their beauty  the mountains hide deadly dangers even for climbers, rangers or hiking experience. These stone giants take their lives mysteries even among the best climbers and Montagnards in the world.If you go and trampled down ever to boot and climbed with rope, be aware not only of grand spectacle that occurs every step, but especially the dangers that lurk around every crack of stone and piece of ice.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (1)

10. Mount Fuji, Japan
Height: 3776 m

Mount unparalleled, as would Talmaci in Japanese, is to be found above the capital Tokyo firm.Over thousands of years, volcanic silhouette, perfect cone-shaped, clothed in pure white with the tip of the ancient snow, lit the imagination of poets, painters and lovers of beauty of the Rising Sun Country.With all the appearance of old mountains, quiet and elevated, Fuji is ruthless with tourists. Japanese or foreigners, Japan’s sacred mountain is not forgiving at all. Every year in the period between October and April, dozens of tourists who ignore warnings authorities unaware die in cliff crash.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (10)

9. Mount McKinley, Alaska, USA
Height: 6194 m

Tribes Athabasca Indians call it Denali, meaning the Great in their language. And up to its reputation Mount … McKinley is not only the highest mountain in North America, but also a great collector of lives.Among its records include the fact that the king of the mountains of Alaska has a wider even than Everest.Because it is located in northern high latitude to make the atmosphere here to be more rarefied than that of a high mountain located 8,000 meters hypothetical, somewhere near the equator.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (9)

8. Charro Chalten, Patagonia, the border between Chile and Argentina
Height: 3375 m

Western climbers and known as the Mount Fitz Roy, Chalten Charro owes its proximity to the original name of the village El Chalten.Since its first “conquest” spent in 1952, when French climbers Lionel Terray and Guido Magnon have climbed the highest peak of its annual Fitz Roy took a mysterious oily lives.Despite his height at all impressive for a killer mountain people, Fitz Roy mountain is dangerous even for professional and experienced climbers.Mountain slopes danger comes in the form of granite, which makes any operation escalation to turn into an extreme adventure where death can Pandi at every step.Add here and the weather which can change in less than 5 minutes.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (8)

7. Mount Matterhorn, Italy, bordering Switzerland
Height: 4478 m

Even if the Germans call it the Matterhorn, the Italians – Cervino, and the French – Cervin, it is one and the same mountain, which runs the title of most dangerous mountain in the entire chain of massive Alps.Image picturesque mountain gushing like a white chimney to the countries of heaven, in fact conceals a big killer of people.Symbol of the Alps, severely punished Materhorn first attempt to conquer people came from. The first successful ascent was undertaken in 1865, when a climber Edward Whymper led expedition, managed to climb to the top.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (7)

6. Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA
Height: 1917 m

Mount Washington has an impressive world record. On April 12, 1934, on top of the mountain were recorded the strongest winds on Earth have ever beaten, since such measurements are made. Then the wind blew with a speed of 480 km / h … Thick enough to demolish a brick wall!Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (6)

5. Everest, Nepal
Height: 8848 m

The highest mountain in the world remains on high when it comes to danger, climbing difficult or, worse, loss of lives. And if somehow thought that the height does not cost, wrong again.In addition, the “brand” Everest presents another danger. This time a financial one. How tall tourism is the largest source of revenue for the Government of Nepal, the authorities require serious money for any montagnard who entered the country thinking to conquer Gods highest peak in the world.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (5)

4. Kangchenjunga, the border between India and Nepal
Height: 8586 m

Bronze medalist in the competition of the world’s highest mountains, and beat only K2 and Everest, Kangchenjunga (Nepal whose translation means The Five Treasures of Snow) is actually a mountain range that contains five peaks, each surpassing the height of 8450 meters.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (4)

3. Nanga Parbat, Pakistan
Height: 8125 m

If the language of Urdu (spoken in Pakistan), Nanga Parbat Mountain translates Gol, because its huge rocky hills devoid of vegetation, well, in the jargon climbers, mountain gained fame macabre “killer people”.Nanga Parbat “offers” the most all ways a tragic end in his kingdom.Here death lurks around every corner as hade forms and varied: pulmonary edema or cardiac fatal frostbite, hypothermia, avalanche, exhaustion, altitude sickness.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (3)

2. Annapurna, Nepal
Height: 8091 m

Hindu devotees have chosen for the 10th high mountain on Earth, called Annapurna, which means Goddess of crops. Today, Annapurna, unfortunately has a record harvest of human lives.Many consider him the most dangerous mountain in the world, considering that the death rate rises to 41% of climbers trying to climb it.Roads are in a disastrous state, a fall in car can end anytime cliff ascent to base camp at the foot of the mountain, where the rise actually starts itself.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (2)

1. K2, the border between Pakistan and China
Height: 8611 m

Climber nicknamed “Wild Mountain,” K2 is the second peak of the world, as tall as Everest. However, far surpasses its rival K2 in terms of the dangers and difficulties. Among elite climbers dispute exists today on the most difficult mountain on the planet, the experts were divided between Annapurna and K2, but in strictly technical terms, K2 presents the greatest difficulty of climbing.Even the easiest route of ascent is to cross a high altitude alpine glacier complex.Top 10 Most Dangerous Mountains in The World (1)

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