Top 10 Largest Buildings In The World

In a constantly evolving world with an ever-increasing population, massive buildings are as important as they’ve ever been. Whether we’re talking about extensive storage facilities, prestigious art presentations or the housing of large ships and airplanes, you can be sure that the buildings that are being used to fulfill these needs are some of the largest in the world, most of them flaunting multiple million cubic feet of volume. We decided to compile a list regarding the 10 largest buildings in the world by usable space, so get ready to read about the planet’s largest hangars, dry docks, warehouses and exhibitions centers!

Hanover Fairground in Mittelfeld, Germany

10. National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK

National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK

The NEC is a very large exhibition centre that can be found in Birmingham, England. Boasting a volume of 40.2 million cubic feet, the National Exhibition Centre is undoubtedly the busiest and the largest of its kind in the UK. The NEC was opened in 1976 by Elizabeth II, and it has been growing steadily ever since, now featuring a total of 20 large halls that are used to host various important events, shows and performances such as the BBC Good Food Show, the Caravan and Camping show or the Cycle Show.

9. Hanover Fairground in Mittelfeld, Germany

Hanover Fairground in Mittelfeld, Germany

As the largest exhibition-dedicated area in the world, the Hanover Fairground flaunts 5.3 million square feet of interior space as well as 624,306 square feet of outdoor space. The current location of the fairground was used as an aircraft works in the past, but it was converted into a trade fair location for the first time by the British during World War II. Since the 1947 fair event proved to be such a remarkable success, the decision was made to establish a permanent fairground, which was expanded gradually as the years went by. After 1947, the Hanover Fairground hosted numerous important events, including the Expo 2000 world exhibition.

8. Tesco Ireland Distribution Centre in Donabate, Ireland

Tesco Ireland Distribution Centre in Donabate, Ireland

Tesco Ireland owns and operates a massive distribution center in Donabate, which is a small coastal town just 12 miles away from Dublin. The distribution centre features a volume of 54.83 million cubic feet and is used to facilitate the distribution of dry grocery goods in the vicinity of Ireland’s capital city. Tesco Ireland opened the massive building in 2007 for the staggering cost of $95 million.

7. The O2 in London, UK

The O2 in London, UK

The O2 is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings in the United Kingdom. Flaunting a total volume of 98.6 million cubic feet and a surface area of 1.1 million square feet, the O2 goes by many names including the O2 Arena, O2 Centre or the O2 Dome. The O2 was designed by 2 companies named Buro Happold and HOK SVE, and it was originally built as the Millennium Dome, which housed the famous Millennium Experience exhibition. After several monetary difficulties and controversy, the place was renamed to O2 and opened its doors to the public once more in 2007 when it hosted a superb Bon Jovi concert.

6. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida, USA

NASA Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida, USA

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is the home of the famous Vehicle Assembly Building, which is the absolute largest single-story building in the world at the moment. Boasting 526 feet in height, 716 feet in length and 518 feet in width, the VAB spreads across 8 acres and features a volume of 129,4 million cubic feet. The structure was built in 1966 and received a massive American Flag painting on one of its sides in 1976. The building was originally used for the assembly of the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo Space Program, which is why its initial name was the Vertical Assembly Building.

5. Meyer Werft Dockhalle 2

Meyer Werft Dockhalle 2

One of the most important shipyards in Germany is called Meyer Werft, and as you can probably imagine, it operates within an enormous building. Since big ships require a lot of space and time to put together, Meye Werft owns not 1 but 2 total shipyards, one in Papenburg and the other in Rostock. The Papenburg shipyard includes the massive Dockhalle 2, which is a dry dock that is being used to manufacture large cruise ships. In order to accommodate a vessel of such massive proportions, the Dockhalle 2 features a floor area of 678,000 square feet as well as a volume of 167 million cubic feet.

4. Aerium in Brandenburg, Germany

Aerium in Brandenburg, Germany

Aerium is a former CargoLifter airship hangar that now houses the Tropical Islands Resort theme park in Brandenburg, Germany. The hangar is known as the largest freestanding hall in the world, since it flaunts a total floor area of 753,000 square feet and a volume of 184 million cubic feet. The building was initially constructed to house a very large airship, but it is now the host of a very popular tropical theme park that is owned by a Malaysian corporation called Tanjong. The park boasts its own beach and indoor tropical rainforest.

3. Jean-Luc Lagardère Plant in Toulouse, France

Jean-Luc Lagardère Plant in Toulouse

The Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant in Toulouse plays a very important role in the construction of the Airbus A380 aircraft, which also happens to be the largest airliner in the world. The assembly hall features a volume of 199 million cubic feet as well as a floor area of 1,3 million square feet, which is understandable since it houses very large structural parts of the famous airplane.

2. Target Import Warehouse in Lacey, Washington

Target Import Warehouse in Lacey

The import warehouse of one of the largest retailers in the USA is very close to being one of the largest buildings in the world by usable space. The Target Corporation was founded in 1902, it is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and owns a total of 4 import warehouses that receive and distribute various commodities to nearby Regional Distribution Centers. Out of the 4, the warehouse in Lacey, Washington is one of the largest, boasting a volume of 262.4 million cubic feet as well as a floor area of 2 million square feet.

1. Boeing Everett Factory in Washington

Boeing Everett Factory in Washington

The world’s largest building by volume is undoubtedly the Boeing Everett Factory, which can be found on the northeastern part of Paine Field. Spreading across 93 acres, this building has a total volume of 472,3 million cubic feet, which is why it can facilitate the assembly of the Boeing 747, 777, 767 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This massive factory includes its own cafes and coffee stands as well as a BECU branch.

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