Top 10 Key Pieces of Fall-Winter Season 2011/2012

Season after season, our shopping decisions go through a continuous process of change influenced by trends, its own style, personality and lifestyle.If you follow the main trends of the season autumn-winter 2011/2012 you have not made ​​a list of the pieces the moment, then you can choose the next sequence that suits you and fits your style.

Top 10 Key Pieces of Fall-Winter Season 2011/2012 (10)

Coat in plaid.Designers proposed us a variety of patterns, but the squares have dominated the podium. Choose a color coat midi strong orange or deep blue.

Trapeze dress.Miuccia Prada introduced specific line by line fallen 60s waist dresses that range midi balances or the patterns formed by a line intersection. And you choose a dress 60s style and wear it with boots to the knees.

Necklaces massive.Oversized necklaces, opulent stone or applied contrary simple type choker at the neck are among the most important accessories that you need to tick this season. Wear them to a fancy dress and a dress of satin, chiffon or silk, but you can add an outfit consisting of a white shirt and pants cigarettes.

Pencil skirt.Strictness croielor fluidity skirts replaced by a stiffening of the previous seasons silhouette acute. Although a simple song that does not perform very many changes, pencil skirt is a more sensual version with a deep slit in front.

Fur coat in bright colors.Coat in bright colors was a revelation this season, adding color and a touch of opulence. If presentations Gucci collar appears as sumptuous, Michel Kors introduces a same richness, but of a special refinement.

Color Block Bag.Watch the colors neutral and temperate instead choose the complementary colors placed a bag on the front or sides of the bag. In terms of form choose one with its predilection on the rigid, rectangular from a hard material.

Dress with dots.Lead bullets lead us think of our grandparents dresses, dresses with a matching straw hat and crocheted gloves. Although we associate the hot season, dots are perfect for the winter season. Choose the ones in black and white medium.




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