Top 10 Food Pilgrimages

Top 10 Food Pilgrimages

Top 10 Food Pilgrimages 2

Sometimes we have to travel great distances in order to be able to enjoy the things we love. When it comes to food, the possibilities are endless. We come from different places and different cultures, but we all share the same basic need for sustenance that has given birth to a never-ending array of recipes. Whether you prefer it spicy, sweet, salty or sour, there surely is a restaurant out there where you would be able to savor a perfect meal. And to help you in your quest to find that restaurant, we put together a top 10 of the world’s best food pilgrimages.

1. El Bulli, Cala Montjoi, Catalonia, Spain

El Bulli, Cala Montjoi, Catalonia, Spain

If you were to visit El Buly two or three ago you could have savored exquisite dishes made by the famous Catalan Chef Ferran Adrià. His approach to gastronomy was joyful, exuberant and yet very professional. He was known for deconstructing and reassembling dishes in unexpected ways, but sadly, he had to close down the restaurant due to financial issues. The restaurant is now managed by a private foundation and it will mainly be used for creative gastronomy purposes. However, Catalonia boasts plenty of other lovely restaurants, so don’t cross it off your traveling list just yet.

2. The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire, England

The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire, England

The Fat Duck Restaurant opened its doors in 1995 and it can be found in Bray, Berkshire, England. The restaurant operates within a 16th century building that was originally used as a public house. Over the years, the place built up quite a reputation, being well known today for serving dishes using molecular gastronomy principles. Heston Blumenthal’s chips are also widely appreciated, since they require a lot of hard work and attention in order to be prepared just right.

3. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Paris, France

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Paris, France

The L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon restaurant in Paris ranked 28th in the Elite Traveler World’s Top Restaurants Guide of 2012. The establishment is owned by Chef Joël Robuchon himself, and it serves delicious French haute cuisine. The meals are prepared with great skill and care, boasting exquisite flavors achieved through ingenious and sometimes bold combinations.

4. Harry’s Bar, Venice, Italy

Harry's Bar, Venice, Italy

Harry’s Bar is a bar and restaurant that can be found in Venice, Italy. The place is currently owned by Cipriani S.A, and it was opened in 1931 by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani. Harry’s bar is best known for its dry martini served in a small glass without a stem. This martini is actually a reinvention of the Montgomery Martini and it contains 10 parts gin and 1 part vermouth. This locale was frequented by many celebrities throughout its existence, including Ernest Hemingway, Princess Aspasia of Greece, Charlie Chaplin and Woody Allen.

5. Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria

Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria

This five star hotel can be found in Vienna, Austria, and it was founded in 1876 by Eduard Sacher. Eduard’s father, Franz Sacher, invented the famous recipe for the sachertorte – a delicious chocolate cake with apricot filling and whipped cream. The cake is still being served to this day, representing a major culinary attraction.

6. 49 Bat Dan Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

49 Bat Dan Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

If you find yourself in Vietnam, you simply must try out their national dish called pho. The 49 Bat Dan Street has a stall that serves the best pho in town, featuring a meat broth with poultry, meat or noodles, fresh herbs, spices, ginger and scallions.

7. Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing, China

Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant, Beijing, China

The Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant features a wide variety of delicious dishes, including the famous Peking Duck, a famous duck dish that is being prepared since China’s imperial age. This dish is now a national dish of China, containing a delicious mix of succulent duck meat, condiments and crisp roast skin, all wrapped up in a pancake.

8. Antoine’s, New Orleans, Louisiana

Antoine's, New Orleans, Louisiana

Antoine’s is a Louisiana Creole cuisine restaurant that can be found in the French Quarter of Louisiana at 713 rue St. Louis. The restaurant opened its doors for the first time in 1840, and it has been owned by the same family ever since. Antoine’s most famous dish is called Oysters Rockefeller, which was invented in 1899 and named after the richest American at the time. The exact recipe still remains a secret to this day.

 9. The French Laundry, Yountville, California

The French Laundry, Yountville, California

The French Laundry is a French restaurant in Yountville, California. The establishment was built in the 1900s and it is owned by Chef Thomas Keller. Rather than being famous for a single specialty, the locale flaunts nine-course Tasting Menus that change every day.

10. Peter Luger Steak House, Brooklyn, New York

Peter Luger Steak House, Brooklyn, New York

The Peter Luger Steak House is a steakhouse that can be found in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City. This place has been named “the best steakhouse in New York City” by Zagat Survey for 28 years in a row. Here you can savor the best prime beef in the entire USA. The prices are quite steep, but the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

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