Top 10 Cycling Routes

Top 10 Cycling Routes

Top 10 Cycling Routes

If you love cruising along the open road on your bicycle, we’re here to suggest some great cycling routes, each varying in difficulty and length, some suited for beginners and some for the pros. We devised a top 10 of some of the world’s best cycling courses, so you can pick your favorite one and start pedaling right away.

1. Cape Argus Pick ’n Pay Cycle Tour in South Africa

Cape Argus Pick ’n Pay Cycle Tour in South Africa

Get ready for some fierce competition if you choose to try out the Cape Argus ride, since this course features about 35,000 participants. The Cape Argus is just 68 miles long, but its scenic route certainly makes up for its relatively short length, as it goes all around Cape Peninsula, enabling cycling enthusiasts to admire beautiful views of the Table Mountain National Park. Due to its high number of entrants, this event represents the world’s largest individually timed cycle race.

2. Land’s End to John O’Groats in Britain

Land’s End to John O’Groats in Britain

The Land’s End to John o’ Groats course goes all the way across Great Britain from southwest to northeast. There are several routes to choose from, some measuring about 900 miles, while others may be even longer. If you’re not in a rush and want to take in the sights on the way, the whole adventure would probably require about 10 to 14 days.

 3. Route du Comte Jean in France

Route du Comte Jean in France

This route was named after a Flemish general who lived during the 14th century, and it will take you from Bruges into northern France. This 137-mile course is completely mountain-free, but you should watch out for coastal winds, as they can easily throw the less experienced participants off balance.

 4. Luchon to Bayonne in France

Luchon to Bayonne in France

The Luchon to Bayonne course starts in the mountain spa town of Luchon and ends at Bayonne, spanning over 202 miles and crossing over four important passes. These passes are called Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet, and Aubisque, and they can also be used for tracing the route. The first Tour de France had its debut in 1910, and its winner required 14 hours to reach the finish line.

 5. Gran Fondo Campagnolo in Italy

Gran Fondo Campagnolo in Italy

Those who participate in the Gran Fondo Campagnolo honor the memory of Tulio Campagnolo, who was a brilliant Italian inventor and racing cyclist being renowned for patenting of the quick release skewer. The event takes place around mid June each year, when the mountain roads become practicable. Its 130-mile course will take you up to an altitude of 13,780 feet.

 6. Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

This route goes through two of Vietnam’s largest cities, and it stretches 746 miles along the coastline. If you want to enjoy the breeze during cycling, this is the perfect route for you, but we should warn you that you might encounter some natural obstacles on the way, such as the Hai Van Pass. The road surfaces are quite varied as well, which is why this particular course is best suited for experienced riders.

 7. The Munda Biddi Trail in Australia

The Munda Biddi Trail in Australia

This off-road cycling trail can be found in Western Australia, and it spans over 621 miles, from Mundaring to Albany. Its name translates as “path through the forest” in the Noongar Aboriginal language. As far as difficulty is concerned, the route features varied terrain types, which means that it offers enjoyable rides for beginners as well as more challenging courses for veterans. Furthermore, the trail boasts free campsites at different points, which are usually a day’s ride away from one another.

 8. Ruta Austral in Chile

Ruta Austral in Chile

Going from Puerto Montt in central Chile to Villa O’Higgins in northern Patagonia, the Ruta Austral goes on for over 810 miles, boasting a multitude of ferryboat crossings along the way. This route offers cycling enthusiasts a great opportunity for sightseeing, since it passes alongside the Cerro Castillo and Queulat national parks.

 9. The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route in USA and Canada

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route in USA and Canada

This route was developed by the Adventure Cycling Association in order to celebrate the bravery exhibited by slaves on their quest for freedom and independence. The course’s 2,057 miles include a total of 5 segments. Riders are able to observe various historical landmarks along the way, including African-American history museums and former slave markets.

 10. La Route Verte in Canada

La Route Verte in Canada

La Route Verte, also known as the Green Route or Greenway stretches for 3,059 miles, and it was inaugurated in Quebec on August 10, 2007. This route offers great views of mountains and lakes, including urban and rural trails alike. Moreover, it can be traversed with great ease, and it offers directions regarding a wide variety of attractions.

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