Top 10 City Boat Voyages

Top 10 City Boat Voyages

Top 10 City Boat Voyages

A ferry trip across the world’s most beautiful cities can only result in a memorable experience and a fantastic holiday. Here are some of the best places in the world where you can enjoy amazing city boat voyages.

1. The San Francisco – Sausalito Ferry in California

The San Francisco - Sausalito Ferry in California

If you want to see the city of San Francisco in its entire splendor, why not take a ferry and admire its most exquisite attractions? These include the famous Alcatraz prison, the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and even San Francisco’s skyline. The ferry ride lasts for half an hour, but be sure to choose a clear day for your visit, since a foggy day can seriously limit your sightseeing. Furthermore, San Francisco’s ferry service includes complimentary Wi-Fi and a service bar, and visitors are even allowed to bring their bikes on board.

 2. Canada’s Vancouver Ferries

Canada's Vancouver Ferries

Canada’s natural beauty can be observed in full thanks to Vancouver’s ferries. Those willing to immerse themselves in a superb, natural environment should definitely go on a ferry trip between Vancouver and its surrounding islands. The views are unparalleled and the overall experience will be worth every penny.

 3. New York’s Staten Island Ferry

New York's Staten Island Ferry

If you find yourself in Manhattan and wish to explore the famous Staten Island, you can hop on a ferry free of charge and admire Elis Island along with the Statue of Liberty on the way. The trip lasts 25 minutes, and since this is the only non-vehicular way of travel between Staten Island and Manhattan, it is quite popular. The Staten Island Ferry fleet includes 9 vessels, which provide state-of-the-art services to over 20 million people a year.

 4. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry in China

Hong Kong's Star Ferry in China

The Star Ferry fleet consists of 12 ferries that provide short 5-minute trips across Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. This fleet carries over 70,000 passengers a day, and it was ranked first in the “Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides” poll by the Society of American Travel Writers in 2009.

 5. Louisiana’s New Orleans to Algiers Ferry

Louisiana's New Orleans to Algiers Ferry

The outstanding city of New Orleans can be admired by hopping on the Algiers ferry, which will take you across the Mississippi River free of charge. This ferry is operational since 1827, and it can be boarded from Canal Street, which is next to the Aquarium of the Americas.

 6. The Venice Vaporetto in Italy

The Venice Vaporetto in Italy

Vaporettos, also known as waterbusses, represent one of the most popular means of transportation in Venice, and they are also quite useful for tourists, since they offer a great way of exploring the famed Italian city. Moreover, the vaporettos provide an easy way for you to admire the beautiful buildings overlooking the Grand Canal and the lagoon, but if you want to catch a glimpse of Venice in its less touristy form, you should take a ferry trip to one of the surrounding islands.

 7. Brisbane’s CityCats in Australia

Brisbane's CityCats in Australia

Brisbane City includes a fleet of 19 CityCats and 9 CityFerries that stand ready to provide you with an exciting ride along the Brisbane River, passing by the South Bank Parklands and the Story Bridge. If by any chance you want to savor a more relaxing trip, you can always climb aboard an open-air City Ferry.

 8. Italy’s Naples to Capri Ferry

Italy's Naples to Capri Ferry

If you want to visit the beautiful island of Capri and admire Italy’s Blue Grotto along the way, a ferry trip from Naples across the beautiful blue sea is the perfect choice. Once arrived, you will be able to enjoy outstanding culinary delights at one of Capri’s many restaurants, most of them flaunting exquisite views over Naples.

 9. The Bosphorus Ferry in Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus Ferry in Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus Ferry ensures the opportunity of a fantastic excursion, as it sails north from Istanbul, up the Bosphorus and back again, stopping at various ferry ports along the coast so you can visit whichever village you desire. Other attractions include the Bosphorus Bridge and Ottoman palaces. A full trip lasts 6 hours.

 10. Liverpool’s Mersey Ferry in England

Liverpool's Mersey Ferry in England

The Mersey Ferry represents the oldest ferry service in Europe, since it dates back to the 12th century. These ferries provide one-hour trips across the Mersey River, along with themed cruises and tours. The current fleet consists of 3 ferries, all dating back to the 1960s, which were named Overchurch, Woodcurch and Mountwood. All three vessels have been extensively refurbished and renamed to Royal Daffodil, Snowdrop and Royal Iris of the Mersey respectively.

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