Top 10 Canal Journeys

Many beautiful and famous cities from all over the world flaunt water canals, which were originally used for the transportation of goods or people.

Canal Journeys

Canal Journeys

Nowadays, they represent important touristic attractions, and they are used for relaxing trips and getaways. Here are some fantastic examples of potential canal journeys for you to enjoy during your holiday.

The Panama Canal, a Key Conduit for Maritime Trade

The Panama Canal

First on our list is the Panama Canal, a 48-mile long ship canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Sailing across it from one side to the other would require a full day, during which you would be able to admire tugboats, huge cargo vessels and various other ships of all sizes. The idea of a canal stretching across the cape of Panama first surfaced in 1534, but the plans for its construction were sketched out much later by Alessandro Malaspina, during an expedition that took place between 1788 and 1793.

The Baltic Sea Canal, a Historically Rich Landmark

Baltic Sea Canal

If you find your way to Russia by any chance, you should definitely check out the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal, also known as the White Sea Canal. This ship canal opened on August 2, 1933, and it connects the White Sea with Lake Onega and St. Petersburg. It was built by GULAG inmates condemned to forced labor, and it required a total of 126,000 workers. During your trip, you should be able to admire old villages and wooden chapels, which provide a good insight into Russia’s colorful past.

Copenhagen’s Canals, a Tourist’s Delight

Copenhagen's Canals

Copenhagen’s Canal tours ensure a fantastic maritime experience through daily trips across the harbor and canals of Denmark’s famed capital city. These trips are available all year long, and include Hop-on Hop-off boat services that allow you to plan your own excursion and visit whatever sights you prefer by purchasing a day ticket that is valid for 24 hours.

The New York State Canals, 525 Miles of Urban Beauty

The New York State Canals

The New York State Canals represent a 525-mile long system comprising the Cayuga-Seneca Canal, the Champlain Canal, the Erie Canal and the Oswego Canal. Among other magnificent New York landmarks, Susan B. Anthony’s residence can be observed while journeying across the Erie, since this canal goes through Rochester, which is where the prominent civil rights leader retired in 1900.

Romania’s Black Sea Canal, a Natural Corner of Paradise

Romania's Black Sea Canal

The Danube – Black Sea Canal can be found in Romania, and it runs from Cernavodă, on the Danube, to Constanţa, which is a popular Romanian resort placed on the shores of the Black Sea. The canal was completed in 1984, and it runs through the Danube Delta area, which is a beautiful ecosystem boasting a wide variety of plants and wildlife. Attractions include egrets, pelicans, herons and many more species of birds.

The Gota Canal in Sweden, a Panoramic Wonder

The Gota Canal in Sweden

Sweden’s Gota Canal was built in the early 19th century, and it goes on for about 382 miles, linking a series of lakes and rivers while ensuring a route from Gothenburg all the way to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea. Cruises across the canal can last from a few hours to a whole week, during which time you could enjoy a relaxing and tranquil maritime experience while feasting your eyes on breathtaking views. The route goes almost all the way across Sweden, and it includes 58 locks. Furthermore, visitors are able to rent canoes or kayaks and explore the surrounding environment for themselves.

Brandemburg’s Waterways, a Pure German Experience

Brandemburg's Waterways

Exploring Brandemburg’s waterways in Germany will allow you to experience the beauties of the German countryside while admiring unique and peculiar towns and castles. Fishing is quite a popular activity in these areas, so the local restaurants serve exquisite dishes based on carp and other freshwater fish specialties.

Amsterdam’s Canals, Masterpieces from the 17th Century

Amsterdam's Canals

The Netherlands’ capital of Amsterdam boasts over 62 miles of canals, 1500 bridges and 90 islands, which is why it was also named the Venice of the North. Its three main canals are called Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Prinsengracht, and they were all built in 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age. Nowadays, visitors can check in at houseboat hotels and stay in close proximity to these outstanding attractions, or use pedal boats to explore them personally.

The Shropshire Union Canal in England, a Gift from the Industrial Revolution

The Shropshire Union Canal in England

England’s Shropshire Union Canal passes through the counties of Cheshire, Shropshireand Staffordshire, all found in the north-west midlands of England. Beautiful landscapes, bridges, hills and valleys are all in reach for those willing to undergo a boat trip across this canal.

The English Channel to the Mediterranean – France at its Finest

English Channel to the Mediterranean - France at its Finest

France’s English Channel to Mediterranean consists of a 5,000-mile system of canals that provides a perfect opportunity to admire the lovely nearby towns and villages. The Canal du Midi, for example, goes through magnificent walled cities and vineyards. This place provides endless exploration opportunities for tourists, especially for those interested in sampling famous French culinary delights.

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