Top 10 Best Paid Models of 2013 According to Forbes

Forbes recently released their top 10 regarding the highest paid models of 2013, and as we all expected, Gisele Bündchen tops the charts with her substantial earnings of $42 million. Gisele has been well-known for her incredible career success for quite some time now, and she even earned some highly prestigious titles such as the “richest model in the world” and the” world’s top earning supermodel”. When they created this top 10, Forbes’ experts took into consideration various parameters such as licensing ventures, editorial shoots, contracts and gigs.

Gisele Bundchen

Another testament to Gisele’s extraordinary success is the huge financial difference between her and the second highest paid model on the Forbes list, which is Miranda Kerr with earnings of $7.2 million. While this is no small sum of money, the difference is indeed huge wouldn’t you say? Miranda owns her own line of cosmetics and has strong ties with renowned brands such as Lipton, Quantas and David Jones.

Adriana Lima is at no.3 with an income of $6 million, most of her riches being earned at Victoria’s Secret where she is actually known as the longest-running Angel. Endorsements for Donna Karan, Miu Miu and Metrocity also enabled her to cash in considerable paychecks.

Kate Moss was placed on no.4, since she managed to bring in $5.7 million in 2013 so far. Even if it may not look like much compared to Gisele, it is still quite impressive that Kate manages to cash in millions of dollars as a model given the fact that she is 39 years old. Moreover, we expect she will earn much more in the near future, as rumors say she is about to pose topless for Playboy as she honors the famed magazine’s 60th anniversary.

Chinese model Liu Wen sits on no.5 with a total income of $4.3 million, money earned mostly in her home country where the fashion industry is in full bloom.

As we move on, we find Hilary Rhoda at no.6, Carolyn Murphy at 7, fresh model Joan Smalls at no.8 and Candice Swanepoel at no.9 followed by Lara Stone.

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