Top 10 Beautiful Places that are Deteriorating Rapidly

Top 10 Beautiful Places that are Deteriorating Rapidly

Top 10 Beautiful Places that are Deteriorating Rapidly

Global warming is becoming a bigger problem with every passing year. And if a few years ago most people viewed it as a myth, today it is quite clear that these changes have become a real issue. That is why we prepared a list of the top ten places you should visit now, because later might be too late.

10.The Malaysian Coastline

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Thanks to its sublime climate and gorgeous beaches, Malaysia has always been considered a wonderful place to visit. Judging by a report from 2010, around 807 miles (which translates into approximately 29%) of the country’s coastline was threatened by erosion. Another issue is the melting ice caps, which cause the sea levels to rise. These two environmental problems might change the face of the Malaysian coastline.

9.Blackgang Chine, the Isle of Wight

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This tranquil island is situated off the coast of England and it has been a great holiday destination for those who are looking to relax in an atmosphere of serenity for many years now. The Blackgang Chine amusement park is the perfect place to spend a fun evening with your whole family. However, the ground on which the theme park is set is slowly tumbling into the sea. The park opened its gates to the public in 1843. In 1921, 1968 and 1994 major sections of it crumbled in landslides. The administrators are prepared to move the rides in case another landslide occurs.

8.Yangtze River, China

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The region in which this river is situated is endangered by aggressive agriculture and massive deforestation. The consequences are the endangering of species including the giant panda and the snow leopard and the jeopardizing of their natural habitats and even of the naturel reserves along the river. Major changes have occurred in this region during the last 50 years, one of them being the doubling of the population, from which urbanization and industrialization resulted. These changes affect the ecosystem and threaten to destroy it. Another threat are the hydroelectric projects that are planned to take place on the river, projects that will probably make the natural beauty of the place disappear.

7.Timbuktu, Mali

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This very special place houses mosques and sacred tombs and is a UNESCO World Heritage in Danger site. As changes in the global climate occur, some regions will probably become very arid, and eventually turn into deserts. Sadly, this is one of those regions. The monuments were also threatened by the looting and violence that resulted from the city being taken over by MLNA and Ansar Dine, two armed groups. One of the said groups considered the place to be unholy and three of the sacred tombs have allegedly been compromised.

6.The Alps

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This mountain range is known world-wide for its stunning glaciers. Unfortunately, the glaciers too have suffered from the rising temperatures, which already caused many of them to melt (20% since the 1980s). The average global temperature rises by 0.72F every ten years and has been increasing since the 1880s. The glaciers are expected to disappear completely by 2050. However, this is not the only region to be threatened by the climate change. Only 27 glaciers are left in the National Glacier Park of America. In order to understand how rapidly they can disappear, you should learn that 100 years ago there were 150 in the American park.

5.Portobelo, Panama

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The coastal fort is yet another place to make the list of the UNESCO World Heritage in Danger sites. This beautiful structure with a Panamanian military architectural design is deteriorating at a fast pace due to erosion and neglecting. Plans should be made for its urgent maintenance, because if action is not taken soon, there might not be anything left to salvage.


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The ice in this region is melting at an alarming rate. The ice loss was tracked by polar research teams and the results look pretty bad. The area seems to be losing 5 times as much ice annually now compared to 1992. Reportedly, if the average global temperature rises by another 3C the whole icy surface of Greenland might disappear. It is also estimated that by the end of the 21st century, the temperature will have risen by 5-7C. The major increases in the average temperature began in the 1990s.

3.Great Barrier Reef

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This place is perhaps one of, if not the most beautiful underwater location in the world. The reef is threatened by the pollution of waters, which will probably cause it to disappear entirely. The main causes of concern are the rising water temperatures, the fact that the ocean is more acidic and local cyclones. Allegedly, by 2030, most of the coral in the world (80%) will be lost. It is also estimated that the 8,000-year old Great Barrier Reef will disappear in around 100 years.

2.The Maldives

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The natural beauty of this country is famous all around the world. Due to the increasing sea level, the region is threatened to become fully submerged. Given the fact that in some areas of the country the altitude is no higher than 7 feet, it is not unlikely that the tragic event will occur soon. Up to 40% of the region was submerged after the tsunami in 2004.

Kandholhudhoo is an island with one of the highest population in the Maldives. Reportedly, there are plans to evacuate it and 60% of residents have already opted to leave in the following 15 years. The displaced residents will allegedly move to pieces of land bought by their government in other countries. If another natural disaster doesn’t occur, the Maldives will be habitable for the next 100 years.


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With the water level increasing by 4-6 millimeters every year, this beautiful Italian city might not be around for too long. Venice’s St. Mark’s Square has been flooded 60 times in 2000 and the city has sunk 9 inches in the past 100 years. It is estimated that it will only by inhabitable for 70 more years. There was a period in the 2000s when it was believed that the reason the city is sinking so rapidly is the fact that water was extracted from below the ground. The extracting stopped and the situation seemed to get better, but the submerging of the city continues.

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