Tips on Choosing the Right Auburn Color

Auburn is a brown color with plenty of red hues. It is a gorgeous hair color that can work perfectly with a vast variety of skin tones. You don’t necessarily have to have a light complexion and light eye color to be able to rock this color. Take a look at these tips and tricks in order to decide which type of auburn is right for you.

Tips on Choosing the Right Auburn Color (2)

Study Your Complexion

The darker your skin tone is, the darker the hues of the auburn color should be, in order for it not to make you look too pale. For instance, if you have a darker complexion, a medium to dark shade of auburn would be just right for you. You should, however, try and stay away from bright red tones. In case you have a medium skin tone, lighter to medium hues will work wonders for you. For a fair complexion, a bright red hue works best.

The Blonde to Auburn Transition

If you want do dye your hair auburn, make sure that you are willing to commit to the change, because going back to blonde won’t be that easy and might damage your hair. The darker the hue you want to go for, the harder it will be to turn back. As opposed to bright reds, an auburn shade is less likely to get an orange hue in time. But in order to avoid any problems, you should dye it regularly.

The Brunette to Auburn Transition

Depending on how dark your hair currently is, you might or might not have to bleach it in order to achieve the auburn tone that you want. If you do have to bleach it, it is advised that you do it in a salon rather than doing it yourself at home.

Scarlett Johansson’s Auburn Tone

The star wore a gorgeous auburn color for a long time before dying it bright red. If you want to achieve the same splendid look it is better to ask for advice from a professional. Scarlett’s former hair color was a warm hue of auburn with dark tones and a warm base.

After coloring your hair keep in mind that you have to take extra care of it. Opt for special conditioners and shampoos, which are designed for colored hair, so that the dye stays on longer and has the same beautiful texture as it does right after coloring it.

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