Timeless Italian Villas With Rich History and Décor

With histories sometimes measured in the hundreds of years, Italian villas are often some of the most classic residences available for rent. Let’s take a look at some of the ways these histories can be experienced.

View of Villa Fiorentina, a historic villa in Italy

One of the most notable aspects of many of the older villas is the amount of art you can find in them, works often dating back to when the villa was first built (or even earlier). This tendency has made some villas into structures that are almost more museum than house, and they offer a glimpse into the artistic heritage of Europe. For a true study of European art, a villa vacation can be an invaluable learning experience. Of course, that’s hardly all there is to it.

Unlike many Caribbean villas, which are often more modern residences, European countries like Italy host some true heritage within the walls of their villas. A number of holiday villas are more estate than house, attached as they are to things such as vineyards, valleys, and other features of the landscape. Such residences can be difficult to construct nowadays, but the aristocratic heritage of many villas cannot be denied. One step into Residenza Napoleone III, in the heart of Rome, and you will be unable to mistake it for anything except what it really is. In both architecture and decoration, Italy’s older villas are often the most creative, lending for a truly unique opportunity. So, where are some of the other historic villas?

With an astounding seventeen bedrooms and twenty-two bathrooms, Borgo Amore is one of the most massive villas to be found, providing ample resting space for a huge number of guests. Villa Mosaico, built in the 1700s, is actually considered one of Italy’s National Monuments, but is still available to rent for the right price. Il Sogno, on the Amalfi Coast, offers spacious interiors combined with creative decoration for a wonderful experience. These are just a few of the villas in Italy that combine rich decorations with even richer histories. For a taste of times past, but not forgotten, these timeless villas offer an opportunity like no other to truly experience the history of Italy.

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