The World’s Most Strangest Houses

The World's Most Strangest Houses

The World's Most Strangest Houses

Have you ever thought how would be to live in an unusual house?Well, you will see that living in a normal house is very easy comparing with upside-down house,or one made of logs or one in a toilet-shaped.Some of the people had courage to apply their imagination and their dreams in reality.The main question is that :would you live in such a house?

1.House of steel,USA

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Built by the arhitect Robert Bruno,this strange house has an unusual skeleton on which builds the house.But the arhitect has thought that building the house as a sculpture is amazing.The result is a strange shape that resembles with a machine or an animal .

2.Nautilus ,Mexico

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What do you say about a house in a seashell shape?Well,it exists and it was finished in 2006 .The purpose was to mimic  a cephalopod shells.That is not all!The house interior is completely covered with vegetation.The arhitect which designed this house is Peter Koliopoulos,and it said about its realisation : “You don’t meet often such houses.But it is a way to learn from other a different design.”

3.The upside-down house,Polonia

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Well,we can say that this is really an unusual dream which came true .The brave is Daniel Czapiewski ,a bussiness man and in the same time a nonconformist.He desired that its house  reflects the former communist era and in the same time the present.Although the construction wasn’t easy ,the house worth the effort and now it is visited many tourists curious and intrigued of the shape wacky.

4.Tea house,USA

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Detached from fairy tales,this lovely house was built in 1922 and it represents a testament to the Teapot Dome scandal which involved also the U.S president at that time Warren G. Harding.House has teapot shape being a circular construction having an iron grip on one side.

5.Log house,USA

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Art Schmock was able to built also a very strange house.Maybe sounds a little bit strange the name of the house ,but and logs can be houses if they are arranged properly.The house is built from a 2000 years old logs and it was transformed in a  bedroom ,a living room and also a dinning room.Schmock is very proud of the result has exposed a number of fairs and festivals across the country to show people’s its work life.

6.Bubble house,France

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Antti Lovag designer built this bubble house and it is the perfect example of his different vision .With no right angles,the interior of the house had many elements of nature as palm trees or waterfall.It is situated on the South West Coast of France and it was declared a historical monument .

7.Mushroom house,USA

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The house was built between 1992-2006 by the arhitect and professor Terry Brown.It works including students enrolling at the university where he taught.As materials were used corrugated wood .

8.House with plane shape

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The house in plane shape was built from a Boeing 727 and it is situated in Mississippi,USA.Even if it is a plane,it has also comfort as jacuzzi located in the cockpit.The view is very weird, and those who visit house feel just like in a plane.

 9.”Free Spirit ” spheres ,British Columbia

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The project was designed by Tom and Rosy Chudleigh, a couple from Canada who has built a spherical space which can be inhabited by customers worldwide. Areas of trees are hand-made from local wood and are suspended in trees, some of which can be rented. These boxes are recommended for photo enthusiasts, as it gives a spectacular wildlife.

10.The toilet house,South Korea

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Very strange,no?Well,the true is that the name of the house don’t lead you to the things too beautiful.But it sure is a very unusual house, built to mark the establishment of the World Toilet Association, which fought for cleaner toilets worldwide. Koreans celebrated the founding of the association even in this house, in November 2007.


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