The World’s Most Expensive New Office Tower is New World Trade Center Skyscraper

Known as like Feedom Tower ,One World Trade Center is of the building which is found in twin towers place attacked in September 11,2001 terrorist attacks has become the world’s most expensive office building.The costs for the security systems ,the taxes for space and for building materials used,rise up the price of the new office building at $3,8 billion.With such an amount makes from this building by far  the most’s expensive office building in the world .

The World's Most Expensive New Office Tower is New World Trade Center Skyscraper (2)

The new value of the tower increased with more than 700 million dollars from the last estimate made ​​public in 2008, when construction value amounted to $ 3.1 billion.One World Trace Center will be the most’s higher building from U.S.A. with a height of 540 meters ,150 stories and with an area of 240.000 square feet.The construction of building was started by Silverstrein Properties in April 2006 and was resumed by port authorities.One World Trace Center will be finish in 2013.The originally World Trace Center was a seven buildings complex and it was opened in April 4,1973 and it was destroyed in 2001 .In its place will be built another five new skyscrapers .

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