The World’s Most Expensive Flip-Flops

Did you buy a pair of Flip-Flops that cost $18,000?Beach or just a simple walk, you always must to be fashionable.Chipkos company created a pair of slippers that cost no more and no less than $ 18,000. At this price it is clear that the flip-flops are not just a piece of plastic.According to David Palmer famous artist who created the designs on her money on each pair of shoes sold will be used to save the 1,000 square meters of rainforest in Costa Rica.Flip-flops are unique .

The World's Most Expensive Flip-Flops

The Executive Director of SaveNature.Org, Norm Gershenz stated;

Like adding land to Yosemite, each sandal purchase expands a Costa Rican national park by one hundred square feet, thereby protecting the habitat, species and resources within that land area in perpetuity.”

They was hand-painted by Palmer with 6 grams of 18 karat gold. If you’re not convinced yet look something interesting.If you buy a pair of this  flip-flops ,you get a small two-day holiday at a hotel in Beverly Hills,in the same time.


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