The World’s Most Expensive Cannoli

The world’s most expensive cannoli costs $26,000 and it is available at Jasper’s Restaurant.If you are gourmet lovers must to know that chef Jasper Mirabile Jr has put on display an exclusive and stunning  cannoli at Jasper’s Restaurant that is open till September.Why is so expensive?Because the exclusive dessert includes  an Italian diamond necklace.Well we think now you realize why it has a price of $26,000. The cannoli has been prepared by baker Carey Iennaccaro of Overland Park-based Sprinkled With Sugar.

The World's Most Expensive Cannoli (1)

If you love the chocolate you musto to know that this cannoli has a base of rich dark chocolate,and also ricotta cheese,candied lemon, chocolate and lemon peel.Sounds good,isn’t it?This is not all!The elegant cannoli has been covered with edible gold leaf.

They were originally a signature dessert for Carnival, the period before Lent,” says Mirabile, who uses his great-grandmother’s recipe to create the pastry for his restaurant. “It dates back to the Arab occupation of Sicily in the 9th century.”

Jasper Mirabile Jr said that “Our insurance company said we can either build a secure glass case for the cannoli.”


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