The W Hotel in Barcelona by Ricardo Bofill

From 8 hotels across Europe, W opened only 5 in London, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona and St. Petersburg while others will be open by 2016 Milano, Verbier and Atena.But the place by near La Barcelonetta is one that can boast with a hotel that will let great impression among visitors.It was designed by renowned architect Ricardo Bofill.With a unique form of ship,W Barcelona Hotel has the exterior dressed in glass, while the interior of the hotel attracta attention with design elements, the colors used and the careful combination of materials.

The W Hotel in Barcelona by Ricardo Bofill (19)

Guests can choose from 406 cameras and 67 suites open to the shoreline and the Mediterranean, which are not lacking typical features such as W beds exclusive Bliss Spa products and Munchie Box.Every room has its name which have connection with created sensations as:  “Wonderful” which provides views of the Mediterranean and the Port of Barcelona while “Mega “rooms bring to the fore corners of the building, considered the most relaxing and spacious place in the room.The other is called “Fabulous”,”Studio”,”Cool Corner”,”Marvelous” and “Spectacular”.All the rooms are different through facilities, floor space and furnish.W Barcelona was the first hotel in Europe where it debuted Bliss Spa. Bliss Barcelona  brings a boutique beauty products, 8 treatment rooms with separate lounges to relax ladies and gentlemen,respectively sauna and indoor jacuzzi.

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