The Vertu Ti Now Comes in Midnight Blue and Sunset Red

The Vertu Ti is an exquisite smartphone that boasts exquisite looks and a wide array of technological features that helped it earn a special place in the hearts of the well heeled. Up until recently, the phone was retailed in four distinct variants: titanium black leather, red gold mixed metal, titanium Black PVD black leather and titanium black Alligator. However, Vertu recently unveiled a limited edition collection called Vertu Ti Colours, which brings forth two new color alternatives named Midnight Blue and Sunset Red.

The Vertu Ti Now Comes in Midnight Blue and Sunset Red

Both versions flaunt exquisite calf leather and an embossed detail on the grain. The phone remains the same tech-wise, featuring a 1.7 GHz processor, an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, an 8MP rear camera with twin LED flash, a 3.7 inch sapphire crystal screen,  64GB of internal memory and a 1.3MP front camera, complemented by the brand’s famous Concierge Service.

This edition will feature 2000 units in total, 1000 for each color, and each phone will come with its own individual number. The price for a Midnight Blue or Sunset Red Vertu Ti will be a little steeper compared to the regular versions, more specifically $11,700.

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