The Stunning Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel in Vernon

Striking views of Lake Okanagan and the Monashee Mountains is not all that the Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel has to offer. The getaway is situated in the Okanagan Valley, Vernon in British Columbia at a 30 minute drive from the International Airport of Kelowna. As the name suggests, one of the strong suits of the retreat are its relaxing, health-oriented spa treatments. The therapies include massages, cold spa, the crystal tub-for-two, aesthetic programs, aromatherapy and reflexology. With these state-of-the art treatments you are bound to come back from your stay here feeling years younger.

The Stunning Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel in Vernon (17)

In terms of accommodation, the retreat is made up of 152 rooms and suites, all tastefully appointed and boasting sweeping views of the gorgeous surroundings. The meals you will enjoy here will delight your taste buds as the menu includes both traditional foods and European-inspired ones. A trip here will also prove to be kind to your pockets; the starting price for a night there is only $137 USD.

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