The Salty Lake in the World

Don Juan Pond Lake in Antarctica is one of the non-earthly places on this planet. Don Juan Pond is by far the most salt lake on Earth, with a salinity of 40%.Don Juan Pond is a small lake, of surface significantly salinated. This lake in Antarctica is higher than the Dead Sea salt (often wrongly indicated as the salty lake in the world, it has a salinity of only 33%) and even than Lake Assal (Africa) -which is non-Antarctic lake in the world the salty (salinity 35%).

The Salty Lake in the World (3)

Lake Don Juan is 18 times more salty than the oceans (the Dead Sea is only 8 times and 10 times Lake Assal).It is known that the freezing point of water decreases depending on its salinity.So it is that, although not deep, because it contains salt, Lake Don Juan is the only lake in Antarctica does not freeze again (neither at minus 53 degrees Celsius) – even if it is located very close to the South Pole.Moreover, unlike the other lakes in Antarctica, Don Juan is the only lake that is not covered at all by the shell of ice in winter.

Scientists seek clues on the planet Mars environments that could be inhabited.Astrobiologists say the Lake Don Juan – this unique place on Earth – has conditions similar to those on Mars, which allows researchers to study similar formations on the nearest neighbor planet (Mars). They want to understand how water behaves in high salinity conditions, and the gas is produced to see if there is life on Mars



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