The Richest Indian Moved in The Most Expensive House In The World

Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian, with an estimated fortune of 22.3 billion dollars, has recently moved with his wife and three children in the most expensive house in the world.Home, which is actually a block is called Antilia, is in Mumbai and construction costs are estimated at one billion dollars.Ambani’s wife, Nita, recently granted an interview to Vanity Fair, where she told some things about the family’s new home.Building over 37,000 square meters which has 27 floors, but because the room is double the height of the ordinary, construction seems to have 40 floors.

The Richest Indian Moved in The Most Expensive House In The World (7)

Contrary to what appeared in the press, Antilia is not in a poor neighborhood of Mumbai’s, but is located on Altamount Road, one of the most expensive streets in the world.Before moving to new home, billionaire lived with her mother and brother.Although the family has many employees who help at home, children, make their own cleaning their rooms when they are home.Antilia has a parking garage which is place for  68 cars and three heliports on the roof, for those who want to come visit in flight.Only the hall has 9 lifts.The house is equipped with a spa resort, garden terrace and a pemlu where family often goes to pray. The Ambani’s block is also found a ballroom, apartments for guests and a theater with 50 seats.

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