The Power of Feminity

Miuccia Prada, one of the most respected and influential fashion designer of the world goes on all Italian dream. Extraordinary ability to anticipate trends as a true genius and visionary presentation of women multiplelelor identity through its collections, Signiora Prada manages to give life  materials outburst of incredible talent.

The Power of Feminity (18)

Unmistakable style and surprising combinations of fabrics known trade mark products that we met Prada’s collection autumn / winter 2011/2012 that the creator managed to play photographer Steven Meisel with models Frida Gustavsson, Kelly Mittendorf , Ondra Hardin, Antonia Wesseloh, Julia Zimmer, Dorte Limkilde, hairstylist Guido Palau and the make-up artist PatMcGrath a fantastic advertising concept.

Prada woman is on a seemingly innocent character, who is hiding under the guise of fact, a strong character. Starns back hair, strands rebel fit flawless face, sculpted cheekbones and eyes untouched by mascara surprising candor, while clothing and accessories bring out exuberant personality.

Inserts with snake skin, fur color, printed geometries, buttons, sequins as scales of pasta stacked, oversized glasses and helmets reminiscent of swimmers make up a universe that surely surprised. Regardless of the viewer, creating silhouettes are revealed by an apparition impossible to ignore!

Prada fashion house is now synonymous with luxury and quality, and logo, metal triangle is in the fashion world power status.

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