The Poor Rich Girl :She Has Bags of €100,000 and Shoes Over €70,000

Let’s see!100 Christian Louboutin shoes, 15 pairs of Ugg boots, 20 pairs of shoes and many other pairs Gina, Jimmy Choo or any other brand of immature mind you now proceed. All are found in the wardrobe of one woman, not a store, as some might think, for good reason.And she still says that she’s misunderstood.

The Poor Girl Rich:She Has Bags of €100,000 and Shoes Over €70,000 (2)

At the 27 years of its Tamara Ecclestone wants that the world to perceive as a successful model and television presenter, but her true calling seems to be another: to spend the money of her father ,Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.However, Tamara has agreed to open her wardrobe door in front of reporters, the size of a studio, they can be admired company many bags, shoes and dresses priced at least € 1,000 each. They wear only once, as the young says.Soon, journalists were put on calculations: if the average price of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes cost € 700, and she has 100 pairs, the “goods” on shelves worth at least 70,000 euros.

Furthermore, added together, Ugg boots also includes nearly 3,000 euros and shoes and they get to be worth around 1,700 euros Tamara says given that she never makes sport.Gina, Charlotte Olympia, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo are just some names missing from the wardrobe designers not Tamara. Their creations cost not less than 500 euros.Neither bags are no less precious. “Frankly, I do not even know how many i have,” she says about Birkin bags from Hermes, whose price starts at 5,000 euros. All in all, and they are worth over 100,000 euros. And that’s just what they could count those present, in one glance.

About her wardrobe, Tamara Ecclestone told she is “ashamed” that was arranged in a room of the house, because a common dressing certainly would not have been enough. So ashamed, tell mischievous, that it left photographed several magazines at that wardrobe.”My mother is absolutely terrified of how much I spend on clothes. My mother would like to donate anything I do not need, “she said, adding:” People think me a spoiled child, but I want to prove they’re I am more than the daughter of a famous man. “Only as not yet learned the recipe.

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