The Pool of a Complex of $ 5.4 Billion in Singapore

The American group Sands, the largest casino operator in the world, opened Wednesday in Macao, a huge complex that includes casinos, hotels, shops and conference centers, the investment amounts to 4.4 billion dollars.The complex is impressive, but its architecture is far from it equal to the Marina Bay Sands resort, opened in 2010 in Singapore, after investing $ 5.4 billion.

Sky Park Sands (6)

Marina Bay Sands include a hotel with 2,600 rooms, 50 restaurants, almost 300 shops, a conference center to facilitate and to 45,000 persons, offices, a museum, an auditorium, the largest ballroom in Southeast Asia, a park with beaches, forests and golf courses, a private airport for helicopters and smaller aircraft.The pool is one that fascinates everyone.The pool of nearly 150 meters long, that is the largest outdoor pool at this height, the first thing you see when the elevator doors open on floor 57. Sky Park Sands has dimensions of three football fields and includes a pool, restaurants, a garden with 250 trees and 650 plants.

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