The New Most Expensive Whiskey in the World: $6.2 Million

Luxury Beverage Company in the UK has recently launched the most luxurious whiskey.They claim that from now on it will be the most expensive drink in the world ,available in two versions.

The New Most Expensive Whiskey in the World: $6.2 Million (3)

Isabella Original Glass sells £ 3.8 million, showcasing more than 8,500 diamonds and rubies around 300 equivalent of two white gold bullion to cover a fine crystal decanter with whiskey English Very Old Islay Single Malt.Each Isabella Islay bottle is done manually after the buyer taste.

It is also available and Isabella Special Edition that sells for £ 450,000 giving the most perfect English art and letters in crystal white gold diamond.The previous most expensive whisky in the world was the 105 years old Aisla T’Orten by Master of Malt. There is only one 700 ml bottle of this beverage and it costs $1.4 million.

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