The New Headquarters Facebook Investment of $ 250 Million

The network with over 800 million users moved in a new house.More specifically, a head office, whose inauguration cost $ 250 million.Facebook headquarters is located in Menlo Parle, California, USA and is the former headquarters of the company Sun Microsystems. “I wanted to give the place an electric look,” said Everett Katigbak, Facebook designer, who took care of all the facilities for nearly 2,000 employees to work here today.Nine months have worked on actual construction.

The New Headquarters Facebook Investment of $ 250 Million (9)

One of the company’s managers, John Tenanes, said in a post on his personal Facebook page that stimulates creativity and socialization of new office, all offices are open. Company walls are drawn with colored paintsfor brainstorming sessions, where employees need inspiration and creativity.Interestingly is that the ceiling is not finished ,so the heat pipes can be observed.

The idea?”It reminds us that our work is never done.”Also,each offices area has its own flag showing where in the world comes every employee – which demonstrates the company’s multiculturalism. The restaurant from Menlo Parl is giant and much nicer than the one in Palo Alto,Zuckerberg’s employees say.Some walls imitate the Facebook Wall, collecting dozens of figures of network users.Company premises are open and allow moments of relaxation or reflection.Also one of the Facebook traditions is the machine with technical products where employees can serve anytime for free.

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