The Most Luxurious Hanging Gardens of The World!

Would you like to make a bath at height?Thrill,adrenaline,of seeing the world plus 55 floors up under you for shopping? Would we need to say something?Pictures speak for themselves!

The Most Luxurious Hanging Gardens of The World! (6)

Marina Bay Sands, the most luxurious hanging gardens of the world! If until now we have seen super luxury hotels, swimming pool on the top floor of it is incredible. None of those who have already tried it told us not to try but the feeling that these photos if you swim to the horizon. Hotel in Singapore is the main pillar around which develops a real tourist called Marina Bay Sands reserve.

Infinity pool is designed so as to appear to be merging with the horizon line. In reality, the pool is about an inch below the water. Water comes in a tank located below, and then is pumped back into the pool through a circuit. It is said that this concept was inspired by the extensive rice terraces of Bali, Indonesia.

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