The Most Fantastic Views in the World

The Most Fantastic Views in the World

The Most Fantastic Views in the World

If you are passionate about traveling and sightseeing in particular, you surely know well enough what a breathtaking experience it is to enjoy the world’s most stunning views. So if you are planning on going away anytime soon, you should have a look at our list regarding some of the most fantastic views in the world!

13. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

If you are into history or geology, then you should definitely take the time to visit Cappadocia, in Nevşehir Province, Turkey. During your trip, we recommend you travel to Goreme, Urgup or Guzelyurt, as these are the most popular and appreciated destinations in the region.

Furthermore, in order to make the best out of your time spend here and enjoy the most splendid views possible, we recommend you go on a hot-air balloon trip, on which you can embark from Goreme. You can also go trekking in Monastery Valley or Ihlara Valley, admiring the region’s amazing pillars that were formed by erosion.

12. Casa Batlló in Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló in Barcelona, Spain

If you find yourself in Barcelona you have a great opportunity to see the renowned Casa Batllo, which was redesigned in 1904 by Antonio Gaudí based on a previously built house. What makes this abode special is, of course, its unique and intricate design that proves the ingenuity and talent of the great architect.

The house is locally known as the House of Bones, mainly because of its somewhat skeletal appearance. The ground floor is by far the most impressive part of the house, flaunting sculpted stonework and irregular oval windows.

11. The Marble Caves, Chile

The Marble Caves, Chile

The famed Marble Caves can be found in Patagonia, Chile, on Lake Carrera. These caves were named due to their incredible grey and blue colored chambers that sit above the lake’s beautiful turquoise waters.

The Marble Caves were formed by the movement of the waves circa 6,000 years ago, and they can currently be seen up close by tourists through boat tours leaving from a small town called Puerto Tranquillo.

10. Colmar, France

Colmar, France

Colmar is a town found along the Alsatian Wine Route in northeastern France. Colmar is a fantastic destination for those who enjoy sightseeing, as the town boasts a series of important architectural landmarks such as monuments, fountains, religious buildings and secular constructions.

Highlights include the Chapelle Saint-Pierre, Église Saint-Matthieu, Fontaine de l’Amiral Bruat and Monument du Général Rapp. Colmar also comprises a few museums that are definitely worth visiting, including the Unterlinden Museum, but also a municipal library that houses one of the most comprehensive collections of incunabula in France.


9. Las Lajas Cathedral in Colombia

Las Lajas Cathedral in Colombia

The Las Lajas Cathedral is actually a basilica church that can be found in the southern Colombian Department of Nariño. The church was built in Gothic Revival style within a canyon of the Guáitara River between 1916 and 1949.

The cathedral is connected to a nearby bridge that leads to the opposite side of the canyon, ensuring magnificent views of the surrounding areas. The Las Lajas Cathedral is a very important pilgrimage destination since its creation was inspired by a miraculous sighting of the Virgin Mary.

8. Coyote Glutch

Coyote Glutch

The Coyote Glutch is located in the vast Grand Staircase-Escalante desert. Those passionate about hiking should definitely take the time to visit this incredible landmark, but be advised that the hike is quite long and is best suited for experienced trekkers that have no problem with spending the night in nature.

Along the way, visitors would be able to admire fantastic views of the wetlands and nearby arches.

7. Island of Vis, Croatia

Island of Vis, Croatia

The Island of Vis is the farthest Island off the Croatian Coast, and it can be found on the Adriatic Sea. The island’s highest point is named Hum, and it is placed 1,926 feet above sea level, ensuring magnificent panoramas of the surrounding environment.

The island’s population occupies itself mainly with agriculture, fishing and taking care of tourists. Attractions include natural-formed coves and beaches on the south side of the isle and a museum with a vast archaeological and ethnographic collection.

6. Doi Inthanon National Park in Thailand

Doi Inthanon National Park in Thailand

Also known as the Roof of Thailand, the Doi Inthanon National Park can be found in the country’s Chiang Mai Province. The park was nicknamed this way mainly because it includes Thailand’s highest mountain – Doi Inthanon.

The park is located about 37 miles away from Chiang Mai, and its main attractions include a series of gorgeous waterfalls such as the Siriphum Falls, Wachiratan Falls or Mae Klang Falls.

 5. Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica

Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica

Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls represents a spectacular waterfall that is located near Ocho Rios. The waterfall is approximately 600 feet long and 180 feet high, and it empties into the Caribbean Sea.

Tourists enjoy climbing the waterfalls, sometimes with the aid of local tour guides. This hike usually takes about 1 or 1 and a half hours including breaks, and it is not very difficult to perform. The views of the surrounding lush, green environment are absolutely splendid!

4. The Calabrian Coast in Southern Italy

The Calabrian Coast in Southern Italy

Calabria is a beautiful region in Southern Italy that is famed for its beautiful coastline and mountains. The sandy beaches and rugged cliffs of the coastline complement the breathtakingviews of the sea, while the mountains soar high towards the sky in a spectacular display of majestic beauty.

The main tourist attractions in the area are perhaps the La Sila or Aspromonte, both featuring beautiful lakes and national parks.

3. Najac, France

Najac, France

Najac is a lovely village found in Southern France, and it is well known for its old, medieval architecture and fantastic natural views. Even though the village is scarcely inhabited most of the time, its population usually increases during the summer due to the arrival of tourists and second-home owners.

The village is also one of the most beautiful villages of France, a title recognized officially, which is why it represents a very important tourist destination.

2. The Autumn Forests of Saxony, Germany

The Autumn Forests of Saxony, Germany

Even though Saxony is not a very popular tourist destination, its autumn forests are perhaps some of the most breathtakingly beautiful in the world. These forests offer superb autumn panoramas with red, yellow and green leaves.

1. The Grand Palace of Brussels in Belgium

The Grand Palace of Brussels in Belgium

The Grand Palace of Brussels is definitely the most spectacular square in Europe, representing the city’s most important tourist destination and historical landmark. Measuring 223 by 360 feet, this square is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

The Grand Palace originally served as a market all the way until November 19, 1959, which is why it is still called Great Market (Grote Markt in Dutch). An important place to visit during your stay is the brewer’s museum, which was once owned by the brewers’ guild.

In 2010, the Grand Palace of Brussels was voted as the most beautiful square in Europe, followed by the Red Square of Moscow and the Palace Stanislas in France.


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