The Most Expensive Pink Diamond In The World

We are sure that all the women will love this jewelry.It’s pink, small and cost 15.7 million dollars. It’s the most expensive pink diamond in the world and certainly many girls and ladies miss its.Gem is part of the collection of jewels that belonged to multimillion Huguette Clark, who died last year aged 104 years, sold at auction held at Christie’s New York with 20.8 million dollars.The collection contains 17 objection, of which the most precious of products has proven to be a ring with 9 carat pink diamond. It was awarded the 15.7 million dollars, although it started at a price of only $ 4 million.According to auction house experts, pink diamond Clark thus become the most expensive of all precious stones in this category ever sold at auction in the United States. The ring was bought by Brett Stettner,the company Stettner Investment Diamonds.

The Most Expensive Pink Diamond In The World

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  1. Norman Harry

    Yes , stettner is the authority in the most important color diamonds in the world . He has added great value to my diamond portfolio . A true professional .


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