The Most Expensive Modular Home – the ‘Millard House’

A home should be a reflection of one’s lifestyle. This way, the home is perfectly suitable for the owner’s needs. A trend that seems to be more and more sought after these days is modular houses. Said to be the world’s most expensive modular residence, ‘La Miniatura’ home from Frank Lloyd Wright is evaluated at $4.49 million. The house is situated in Pasadena, California, and it is also known as ‘Millard House’ because it was initially built for Alice Millard, a book dealer. The project for the home was completed in 1924.

The Most Expensive Modular Home – the ‘Millard House’ (15)

The residence occupies 4,230 square feet of space. It houses 2 kitchens, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, fireplaces, servant’s room, reflecting pool, a living room, dining area and semi-attached garages.

The surroundings are made up of lush vegetation, making this home a true delight for the ones who love the outdoors. The garden’s design is influenced by what Frank Wright saw during his visit to Japan. His trip enabled him to give the garden an Oriental appeal. The building technique was attempted before, but without success. Perhaps one reason why the house is historically relevant is that for the first time ever, the technique used to create the blocks actually worked.

The materials used for the blocks include gravel, minerals, concrete and sand. Even though they have a matte finish on the exterior of the house, on the interior, the finishes are smoother so they are more aesthetically pleasing. The concept behind the project was for the home to fit in with the surroundings. To make this possible, Wright used as many natural materials as possible.

Due to leakage and flooding issues the home had to be modified in order to solve the said problems.

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