The Most Expensive Food in The World

1. Saffron

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice. Price is given the weight of which is harvested and processed this spice is actually fragile pestle saffron crocus. To harvest 500 grams of saffron is needed about 75,000 flowers harvested from an area equivalent to a football field. The process adds a delicate crop harvesting, drying, sorting and transportation of saffron that makes the final price of a kilo of this spice to reach $ 11,000.


2. Macadamia Nuts

The Most Expensive Food in The World (9)

Here are the nuts really hard. Literally and figuratively, to peel and price. Macadamia nuts are the most expensive nuts in the world because the tree it produces needs 7-10 years to reach maturity and fertilization require intensive and expensive. Those who pass the nuts to get to the core of this creamy nuts containing 80% oil and about 4% sugars must pay $ 300 per kilogram.

3. Beluga – Iranian caviar

Beluga - Iranian caviar

The most expensive caviar in the world is the Russian as one might think, but the almas caviar (Iranian term for diamond). The price of caviar, rare and therefore very expensive, is given that is produced by a sturgeon that has at least 100 years. The luxurious caviar comes from sturgeon that survived the dinosaurs and that exist on Earth 120 million years ago. The Iranian caviar reach the U.S. market and sells for $ 5,000 per kilogram. Yet another reason to eat caviar with moderation.

4.White mushroom

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The most expensive mushroom is white, much more rare. Originating from the Langhe, Piedmont region of northern Italy, white truffle grows to 12 inches in diameter and can reach 500 grams in weight. These truffles are priced at $ 2,000, ie $ 4000 per kilogram. But their price explodes when sold at auction. The most expensive truffle was sold this in December 2007 by Stanley Ho, owner of a casino in Macao, who paid 330,000 dollars for 1.5 kg of white truffle.

5. “At Bonnotte” Potato

The Most Expensive Food in The World (1)

Considered potatoes on hand as a food is cheap. But now we do all that and more expensive. The most expensive potato in the world is a variety from France – “La Bonnotte”. Only 100 tonnes are grown annually and is the exclusive place of culture Noirmourtier island. Why is it expensive? Because fertilization requires special culture of the land with algae and a special climate, near the sea. As this species is nearly extinct, the battle on this variety is great, 1 kg reaching up to 500 euros.

6. Kobe beef

The Most Expensive Food in The World (8)

The most expensive beef in the world is obtained from Tajima-Ushi Japanese species. Cows are fed on grass and are best raised by a strict tradition in the Kobe region (fed beer and massaged every day).

Meat is tender, tasty and has a great texture with streams of fat evenly distributed the meat gives it a mottled appearance. Although there are various American and British style which are sold as Kobe beef (fed daily with beer and massaged), true Kobe beef reaches $ 100 for 200 grams of lean meat.

7. Platinum sandwich

The Most Expensive Food in The World (7)

The most expensive sandwich in the world – yes, there is something! – Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich is. This delicatessa 3 layers has the finest chicken (Poulet de Bresse, considered the fourth gastronomic wonder of the world!), Ham, quail eggs and white truffles. Sold in Cliveden, Berkshire and cost about $ 200. It has 1182 calories and is on the list of “must taste” of fanatics gourmets from all countries.

8. Pizza 8300 euro

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The most expensive pizza in the world can be tasted in Italy. With generous toppings of caviar and lobster, the pizza has a diameter of 20 cm and an exceptional topping liquid – Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac. In this case not ask for ketchup.

9. 1,000 dollar omelet

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Le Parker Meridien restaurant in New York serves the world’s most expensive omelet. Price U.S. $ 1,000 (or $ 700 if you do at home) is given by the 10 eggs used, but the 200 grams of sevruga caviar and 1 whole lobster.

10. U.S. $ 1,000 ice cream

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Since the 2004 is in Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most expensive ice cream, specialty restaurant Serendipity 3 in Manhattan contains 5 balls of vanilla ice cream of Tahiti, Madagascar vanilla, edible gold leaf 23 K and one of the most expensive chocolate world – Amed Porceleana.

11. Chocopologie truffles

The Most Expensive Food in The World (3)

Rated as the most delicious and expensive chocolate in the world produced truffles “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” cost no more and no less than 2600 euros per 370 grams and can be purchased only on demand. Handmade by a secret recipe, delicacies include, among others, black truffle and 70% cocoa.

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