The Most Expensive Divorce in Hollywood History

Mel Gibson divorce was finalized, and his former wife, Robyn, receives half star’s fortune, estimated at 850 million dollars.Robyn and Mel have been married almost 30 years and have seven children together.U.S. media said that this is the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history. As the couple signed a prenuptial agreement, Robyn Gibson, aged 55, was entitled, under legislation, to require half of Mel Gibson revenue during marriage.Among the income and assets that make up the actor property include a substantial share of revenues of $ 600 million generated by the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, investing over 100 million dollars in real estate worldwide (Australian star bought an island in Fiji with $ 15 million in 2005), and the amount of $ 75 million obtained from film and television projects in which played Mel Gibson, which were produced by Robyn Gibson.

The Most Expensive Divorce in Hollywood History (1)

According to U.S. press, part of the property has been transferred to the star’s name Robyn, who has already received two houses in Malibu, totaling 22.5 million dollars.”I left my wife because I had no common spiritual basis“Mel Gibson told him his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, in a telephone conversation secretly recorded it in February 2010.For Mel Gibson followed a fierce battle with Grigorieva, to obtain custody of their daughter, Lucia, in which musician of Ukrainian origin accused on Australian star of domestic violence. In the middle of this dispute, highly publicized, Robyn Gibson issued a statement in July 2010 that said “Mel (Gibson) was a wonderful and loving husband” who has never abused his wife and children.

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