The Most Expensive Dishes

The Most Expensive Dishes

The Most Expensive Dishes

The food varies from culture to culture,but also the price is different.If you ever thought that your food is expensive you haven’t seen these dishes, yet.Some of them you can only afford if you take a credit .Let’s see which are the most expensive dishes in the world.

Sushi Del Oriente

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The first on the list is a exclusive sushi wrapped in gold.Sushi Del Oriente is wrapped in gold foil and sprinkled with 24-carat African diamonds of 0.20 carats and was commissioned in 2010 by a Japanese businessman in his island in Manila, Philippines. Dish is made by chef Angelito Araneta which is known for its gourmet packages ordered especially for those who want to ask his girlfriend to marry him by fads haute cuisine.

Dessert from Serendipity 3 Cafe

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If you don’t like sushi ,the next dish may be on your taste.It’s about something sweet,a dessert from Serendipity 3 Cafe in New York and costs about 15,000 euros.The dessert contains a combination of 28 different kinds of coconut and it is adorned with gold leaf of 5 grames .It is presented with a bracelet of diamonds and 18 carat gold. Dessert is served with a golden spoon, encrusted with rare diamonds.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

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Another culinary delight is a soup called  “Buddha jumps over the wall” which you can find at Kay Mayfair restaurant in London and costs £ 108. It contains shark fin, Japanese mushrooms, sea cucumber, abalone snails, clams, chicken, a special ham, pork and ginseng and must be ordered five days before tasting.

 Golden Phoenix

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And for fans of the famous muffins such a cake, that is the most expensive in the world was introduced in Bloomsbury cafe menu in Dubai, on July 5 and costs about 800 euros.Dessert called Golden Phoenix is made from Italian chocolate, edible gold leaf 23 carats and organic strawberries. Edible jewelry is presented on a platter of gold 24 carat and must be ordered 48 hours in advance.

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