The Most Expensive Bottle of Whiskey in The World

Scottish firm Whyte & Mackay has presented a new record fair in Cannes in the price of a bottle of whiskey sold in retail networks.Last bottle of whiskey The Dalmore 62, from the personal collection of specialist Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay was sold two weeks ago at Singapore’s Changi airport for the sum of 125,000 pounds (about 143,000 euros).Event beating the previous world record set by last bottle of Dalmore 64, sold at Harrods store for £ 120,000 three months ago.

The Most Expensive Bottle of Whiskey in The World (1)

“The owner did a fabulous bottle fantastic investment that will increase in value by an additional £ 100,000 in ten years. How it will be worth more than another 10 years?” Said Vijay Mallya, Chairman Whyte & Mackay, referring to whiskey the Dalmore 62 sold in Singapore as “liquid gold”.

The Dalmore is whiskey brand ranked third worldwide based on sales growth rate, with 34% last year. Jura, also one producer Whyte & Mackay brands had the highest growth last year – 38%.The Dalmore 62, creation of Richard Paterson, was launched in 2002 in a series of 12 bottles, quickly established itself among the most expensive brands in the world, after a businessman paid 32,000 pounds for a bottle Penny Hill Park hotel in Surrey.After he shared with friends, the businessman gave tip the waiter as the last drops of whiskey from the bottle.


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