The Most Expensive Book in the World

Do you know?If you don’t, we tell you.The most expensive book in the world is Birds of America by John James Audubon.The most expensive book in the world recorded a record price at an auction organized by Sotheby’s in London.

The Most Expensive Book in the World (7)

It is a collection of original book “Birds of America”​​, written and published in the nineteenth century French-American Ornithological John James Audubon.The book was sold on December 7, 2010 for 10.27 million dollars. The previous record was held by the same book ten years ago a copy was sold for 8.8 million dollars.

Volume “Birds of America” includes a thousand illustrations of nearly 500 species of birds, made ​​in size. In this book there in the world 119 copies, of which 108 are displayed in museums.Worldwide there are only 119 copies of the famous nineteenth-century books, of which 108 are owned by museums. The rest will belong to those lucky enough to sell or to wealthy collectors who enjoy them or waiting to hold them for the new auction will be held soon. The book contains 1000 illustrations of American birds from over 500 different species.

“Birds of America” ​​was originally published as a series of numbers, between 1827 and 1938. Only 119 copies were published, including more than a dozen people are in possession of private.

Audubon has adopted a technique to produce very surprising book. He hunted birds represented on the file, shooting them before they are suspended with cables to paint them. Achieving each party drawing takes approximately 60 hours. Ironically, many of the species reproduced in the book are now missing, there is, in size, just stuffed in museums and books in the book of Audubon.


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