The Most Expensive Abaya in the World Worth $17.7 Million

Debbie Wingham has managed once again to leave everybody awestruck. After coming up with the most expensive black diamond gown in the world, she now introduces the world’s most expensive Abaya. Wealthy Islamic ladies will surely love this piece, which is considered to be worth $17.7 million. The piece was launched on March 20 at Raffles Hotel in Dubai. The red diamond with which the Abaya is embellished is evaluated at $7.4 million. The garment is also adorned with 1899 pointer diamonds, 50 flawless diamonds that weigh 2 carats and 50 flawless black carats that also weigh 2 carats. This translated into a total number of precious stones of 2000.

The Most Expensive Abaya in the World Worth $17.7 Million (4)

The precious piece also boasts 14-carat white gold thread stitching and over 200,000 stitches. The garment is in fact a tribute from Debbie to the Arabic culture. The former most expensive Abaya was designed by Bruce Oldfield and was worth $345,482.

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