The Most Expensive 16 Substances In The World

What cost of $ 62.5 trillion / grammme?Gold is associated by many people, with luxury. Precious metal takes them and think of royal wealth. Yet, it is much cheaper compared to other mineral substances or rare materials existing on Earth. See below the most expensive top 16 substances in the world, depending on weight.

The Most Expensive 16 Substances In The World (6)

16. Saffron

Price: $ 11.13 / gramme or $ 5.040/livra

Saffron is a plant whose flowers are used in herbal remedies, especially for treating depression.

15. Gold

Price: $ 56.73 / gramme

It is used mainly to create jewelry, but the old metal is good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

14. Pomegranate

Price: $ 58/gram or $ 1.630/uncie

Rhodium is used mainly in catalytic converters to reduce carbon emissions of a car.

13. Platinum

Price: $ 58/gram or $ 1.637/uncie

Can be used as a catalyst for scientific, worn as jewelry, and used anti-cancer drugs.

12. Methamphetamine

Price: $ 100/gram

11. Rhino horn

Price: $ 110/gram or $ 50.000/livra

It is rumored that in Vietnam appraiser horn Unforgiven cure cancer. It is also said to get rid of fever and other diseases

10. Heroin

Price: $ 131/gram pure Heroin

9. Cocaine

Price: $ 215/gram


Price: LSD in crystal form $ 3.000/gram

7. Plutonium

Price: Approximately $ 4,000 / gramme

There are two types of plutonium. Use either the arms industry or the nuclear reactorele.

6. The bread

Price: $ 9,000 / gramme or $ 1.800/carat

It is considered to be the rarest gem mineral can be used in crystal therapy.
5. Taaffeita

Price: between $ 2,500 and 20.000/gram or between $ 500 and $ 4.000/carat

Purple jewel is considered to be a million times more rare than diamonds.

4. Tritium

Price: $ 30,000 / gramme

Tritium is used to illuminate exit signs that are found in schools, theaters, office buildings. There are over 2 million so EXIT signs in USA.

3. Diamond

Price: $ 55,000 / gram. One colorless can cost over $ 11,000 / carat, and the colorful and more.

2. Californium 252

Price: $ 27 million / gramme

For an incredibly expensive element, isotope product very difficult to have practical uses were discovered. California was obtained for the first time in 1950, the University of California, Berkeley. 252Cf has a very intense radioactivity is so dangerous

1. Antimatter

Price: $ 62.5 trillion / gramme

With only one gram of antimatter, a spacecraft could scour the galaxy. But it is very difficult and expensive to produce.



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